Being brutal to themselves

"Oh. Wow. That's good. Same here, I guess. Haha." Zhu Lian said and ended her statement with a chuckle.

Then they both focused on the prismatic columns of energy rising towards them from possibly the tremendously far bottom of the massive hole that they were in.

Then just when the dazzling, huge energy columns arrived at twenty feet before them, Xiao Bilan and Zhu Lian made huge amount of Qi quickly erupt from their palms. Then the instant that the Qi discharged from their palms, it abruptly transformed into large balls of energy that they immediately hurled out towards the columns fast approaching them with a great speed. 

Swoosh! Swoosh! 

Swoosh sounds immediately rang out as the balls traveled towards the columns of energies approaching Zhu Lian and Xiao Bilan.

However, before the strongly pulsing energy balls could go more than nine feet in their journeys towards th

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