Entering his ultra-powering Kron Form

Luke then called upon the other scientists and informed them of what lieutenant Stokes told him.

They became deeply amazed by what he said and then offered him and his son their sincerest congratulatory greetings which were also full of concealed, great enviousness.

When Max and his dad then went to a secluded Bionic Implementation area, Luke began the implementation process with Max first stepping fully naked into one of the large Implantation Pods in this place.

Once Max got into this pod that contained chilling cold water, a breathing support system came out from a place in the pod and connected to Max's nostrils a moment after he entered the Implantation Pod.

Then several robotic limbs that had electric circular blades, drills, injectors, and many other forms of electric-powered, surgical cutting instruments attached to them, descended towards Max who was in the Implantation Pod.

The first process which was to thickly coat his skeleton with a powerful and really durable silicone-like, organometallic amalgamated alloy called 'Resilienite' to make them much more stronger and durable than normal began.

While in the cold water, the numerous injectors which had Resilienite alloy in it molten form in their cylindrical storage chambers pierced into Max's thick and tough flesh at many areas of his body to get to where his skeleton was.

Then when they reached the surface of his skeleton and made contact with it, the injectors began to slowly inject the molten bio-inert alloy, Resilienite that was contained in their various compartments onto his skeleton to coat it.

And due to the cold water that Max was fully submersed in, the molten composite alloy rapidly cooled around his skeleton and became solid.

After thirty minutes of high-precision injection coating, Max's skeleton density which was been read by a penetrative radiation machine showed the new density that all the bones in his body had obtained after being fully coated with the organic alloy, Resilienite.

And according to what the machine read, Max's Resilienite-coated bones could now be said to be many times denser than steel.


During the injection process, max could have passed out from the agonizing pain that he experienced when the molten alloy, Resilienite, was being injected into his body to coat his bones.

However, since he had a really high endurance to pain, he couldn't slip into the unconscious state.

He then gritted his teeth as he prepared himself for the next round of great pain that he would be afflicted with during the second round of the surgical-embedment processes.

The next process was to power-drill his coated skeletal structure at numerous areas to which the numerous parts of the endoskeletal armor, T-612 Dominator, will be screwed to.

Then when the powered drilling of his skeleton at multiple areas began, Max gritted his teeth to endure the intense pain that he was being afflicted with.

And when the drilling stopped, his naked body which had quickly healed from the numerous, high-powered surgical drilling processes that it underwent, was then brought out of the Implantation Pod by a robotic hand and was placed on a surgical table in which solid metallic straps appeared and cuffed his arms, chest, waist and legs so he wouldn't shake or roll about due to pain when the implementation operation started.

Not long, electric-powered sharp circular blades made bone-deep cuts into many areas of his body while several robotic limbs began to screw and fix the components of the T-612 dominator endoskeletal armor to the entire bones of his body.


Few hours later, the whole embedment operation stopped. While Max who was a half-vampire had quickly healed from all the gruesome-looking cuts that were made into his body.

His nakedness at the moment had been covered.

"Son, how do you feel now?" Max's dad, Luke, asked when he appeared in front of his son.

"I feel really good dad. Also, I feel very powerful. It's like I can shatter a rock to smithereens with a finger" Max said feeling himself out.

Luke nodded.

"That's exactly how you should feel son." He said.

Then he spoke further "Go put off this covering dress and change into your normal, cool-looking wear."

Max nodded.

Then he left to change to his casual wears.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Beep sounds suddenly rang out from Luke's smartwatch.

He already knew who was calling.

He pressed a button on the watch and a ray of light shot out of it to a few feet in front of him and turned into the solid holographic image of Elijah Stokes.

"Are you guys done? How did the implementation process go?" Elijah asked curiously.

"We are done sir. It went fine." Luke answered.

"Good. And have you carried out any test on it yet?" Elijah asked.

"Very soon sir. We just finished the implementation process and I want him to relax before starting any test on him" Luke replied.

"Okay. I want reports on how well the various tests that you carried out on him went." Elijah said.

"Alright sir. I will certainly do that." Luke said.

Then he said further with an appreciative tone in his voice "Lieutenant Stokes, thanks once again for convincing General Evans to give my boy that armor. You have just saved my son from his constant severe pains and slowly approaching death."

"Well, I wasn't after saving his life. I was after saving the planet from its impending implosion. That's my first priority. Anyways, you are welcome. Don't forget to give me reports on how the tests went" Elijah said.

"Definitely sir." Luke said.

Elijah nodded.

"Alright, Luke. I am out" He said and then canceled off the holographic projection communication between them.

Luke shook his head.

Elijah Stokes was really something. He was simply treating his son like he was something that was disposable.

"Well, since my son has no problem with it and is only going there for mine and his mother's sake to save us from being obliterated due to the looming collapse of our planet, I don't really have any problem with what Elijah just said."

"All that matters is that he will be alive and won't suffer anymore like he used to do before now." Luke said with a nod of his head and then awaited the return of his son so he could carry out tests on him.

When Max appeared, Luke asked "Max, I want to carry out some physical tests on you. Interested? Or you would like to rest for sometime before I commence the tests on you?"

"Nope. I am eager to see the strength enhancement and speed acceleration effects of the endoskeletal armor on my body, dad. Let's start the test now!" Max said loudly with palpable eagerness in his tone.


His father grinned.

"Alright son. Come with me" Luke said.

Then he led Max to another area of the large facility that they were at.

When they got there, Luke said to Max "To use the suit, you have to power it with the energy coming from the Kron particles only. They have been built to only utilize energy from the Kron particles. Am I clear?"

"Yes dad" Max answered.

"Alright. Power up" His dad said.

Max gave a smile and then focused in the next instant on powering the endoskeletal armor with the energy coming from the Kron particles.

As soon as he began to concentrate, his eyes suddenly turned bright blue with a radiant blue energy that looked like blue-colored smoke emitting from his eyes.

And if one looked at his arms and neck which were the areas of his body not covered by the clothes that he wore, one will see veins bulging out from the skin covering them.

Then something that will totally catch one's attention and cause one to feel deeply amazed was a blue liquid-like substance that could be seen moving through the veins that had bulged out from the skin of his neck and hands.

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