Face-Morphing Mask

"Hey... What are you thinking about? You were lost in thought" Zhu Lian suddenly snapped her fingers at him and said.

"Yea, I was thinking of something" Max answered. 

"Of what to do concerning that sect master on your tail?" Zhu Lian asked. 

"No. About something more important than that." Max replied 

"Okay. If you say so" Zhu Lian said. 

She then continued "However, there is something that we can do to avoid all these troubles that are facing us at the moment." 

Once she said that, Max's eyes narrowed. 

Then very quickly, he said "Oh, what's that, Zhu Lian? Do tell me."

"Well, only if you allow me become the leader of our group" Zhu Lian said 

As soon she said that, Max who was dumbfounded by what she unexpectedly said, began to shook his head. 


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