Young reincarnation of the god of infinite wealth

After walking for sometime, they finally appeared in a street.

"Max, you should be on the lookout for shops that sell clothes" Zhu Lian said.

"Sure" Max said as he began to look from one shop to another to see what they sold.

Then after walking for about thirty minutes, they finally came across one that sold clothes.

"Found one" Max said.

He then said "Let me go meet him"

But before he could take another step, Zhu Lian suddenly asked "Wait, do you have money with you?"

"Yea." Max answered.

"Oh." Zhu Lian said.

She then continued "I don't mean the money that you guys spend at your place. I am talking about the currency that we spend here"

"Yea, I have lots of it." Max replied with a smile.

"Oh. Okay then" Zhu Lian said.

She then spoke f

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