Final phase of the trial starts

Seeing what Max did, which was trying not to look into the spatial ring that she handed over to him to know it content, the legacy-bestowing spirit nodded her head with a smile in her face which surfaced only for a second and then disappeared.

She was totally impressed by Max's action since he didn't try to go through the contents of the ring to know if she truly put Azurethure stones in it for him like requested, simply implying that he trusted her and that she wouldn't try to cheat him or play pranks on him.

Then just before she could vanish before him, Max hurriedly said with a smile in his face, "Thank you for your immense kindness, senior."

He then clasped his fist with his palm and went into a bow which he remained in for a few moments before straightening himself back to look at the legacy-bestowing spirit who only slightly shook her head at him.

"You are welcome, Maxwell" The legacy-bestowing spirit said.

However, Max who still had another

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