Frost Hawk


Then immediately he landed, the air in his lungs was heavily knocked out of them that he couldn't help but cough out a large mouthful of blood from his mouth. Also, he became really dizzy from the spine-breaking impact of his back with the ground, with his vision instantly blurring too.

It was amazing enough that he hadn't fainted from smashing heavily against the platform.

Max slowly walked towards him with a smile.

The prey was already in his trap. There was absolutely no need to rush. 

Then once he appeared in front of Worldfire from his relaxed-pace walk, Max powerfully swung a leg out towards his chest and kicked him off the stage into the far distance, where he crashed into the sandy earth and dragged along it for sometime, eating sand and small stones.

Max then turned around to look at the people that could be gearing up to battle him.

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