Spirit Warrior

As soon as Max decided that, he closed his eyes and focused within himself on forcing very small amounts of Kronous Energy to his palm, then into the hand-shaped fan that he wielded to see if he could activate it without Qi that people in this world cultivated. 

Immediately he did so, with the palm that wielded the hand-shaped fan emitting a soft blue radiance, Kronous Energy, the size of one-tenth of an injection drip, moved into the hand-shaped fan.

Max decided to channel that very small amount into it so that he wouldn't destroy the treasure, as he knew very well that if he pumped a really large amount of Kronous Energy into it, the treasure might simply explode like a bomb and give rise to shockwaves that will ruin this inn and all the buildings in it vast blast range. 

So, the moment that amount of Kronous Energy entered into the hand-shaped fan, it actually began to glow brilliantly that the colorful beam

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