Hordes of beasts (2)

Still shocked by what was going on, he began to look around into the distance to know what was causing the trembling of the ground.

However, after looking around for sometime into the distance using his powerful vision and not seeing anything, he immediately stopped and focused on his enhanced hearing to exactly pinpoint where the source of the trembling was coming from. And since his powerful sense of hearing allowed him to filter off unwanted sounds, he was eventually able to discover what was causing the trembling.

"This sounds like... hundreds of limbs hitting the ground all at once. And they seem to belong to... beasts? Have hordes of wild beasts entered the city? Unbelievable!" Max said with a shocked expression in his face. 

He then abruptly jumped down from the window of his room to the ground and dashed into the distance while tracing the sound of the hordes of beasts to where they were. 


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