Hordes of beasts (3)

Once he mentioned that, he immediately shot off to help the mortals in the line of the rampaging beasts before they could be trampled upon to their death. And as he did so, he suddenly noticed a woman that was carrying a child in her arms and was wailing loudly in fear. 

The instant he saw the woman and noticed the beast that would soon appear in front of her, which was like a rhinoceros but was many times larger than it and had a spiky, armored skin for a hide, Max abruptly shot towards it to knock it into another direction. 


Moving at an incredible speed towards the beast that he had targeted, he rammed heavily into a side of it massive head using his right shoulder. And as soon as he did so, causing the huge, rhinoceros-like beast to screech out in pain as well as be knocked off into another direction, Max immediately grabbed hold of both the woman and her child and powerfully leapt away to a place w

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