I can only try and find out for myself...

After waiting for days without Max appearing, the old man began to think whether Max had died while carrying out the mission that he sent him.

"That bastard. So, he really got himself killed? And I was thinking that he would perfectly do the job for me being a body cultivator. Ugh!" 

"Assuming the fool was able to return to me, he would have made for a fine puppet if I got my puppet-creating hands on him. Aii. What a waste of an excellent durable body." The old man said as he sat on his chair, deeply thinking of what he had lost.

"If I knew then, I wouldn't have sent him for that mission. I would have waited till I found someone else suitable for the mission and then use his severed body parts to form a new puppet for myself. Aii" 

"I just can't bear with this waste. Where would I find another person that would have a nice body like him? Well, there are always many fishes in the ocean, with

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