Leaving for the legacy ground

"Sure. I am ready. Let's move" Max said while Xiao Bilan nodded her head.

Then they stood to their feet and headed towards the door of the inn to come out of it. And once they appeared in the street, Xiao Bilan looked at Max and asked, "What means of transportation did you use to come here in the first place? I would like to know. Do tell me"

Immediately she asked that question, Zhu Lian quickly responded like she had been expecting Xiao Bilan to ask that question.

"Actually, we came in a particular artifact that Max calls a bike. It's really fast. You should try it too to know how fast it is." Zhu Lian said with a smile while Max only shook his head.

"There is this powerful invention that my dad gave to me. It's called the CST-08. It's what I used to move from where we are to this town. Or if we entered those carriages that are used predominantly by mortals, we wouldn't have arrived here by now." Ma

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