Arriving at the legacy ground

As soon as Max said that and produced the bike, Xiao Bilan's eyes widened with shock.

"Heavens." She uttered with great astonishment in her heart upon seeing the bike. 

She then spoke further by asking, "Max, what kind of artifact is this? What's it name?" 

"This, is no artifact. Although you could call it an artifact to make it easier for you since you aren't from my world, it's however not an artifact." Max said, trying to enlighten them. 

He then continued, "So, to your question, this massive, odd-looking object which you just called an artifact, is called a bike in my world. And its actual name is the CST-08, which is short for Cannon Star Traverser, version 8." 

"Did you get that?" He asked, gazing at Xiao Bilan who simply nodded her head to his question. 

"I think I do" She responded.


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