Once this person, who was the sect master of the Bronze Ape King sect said that, the masters of other sects who stood around him, began to look at him with all kinds of expressions in their faces.

One of them then asked with an inexplicable expression in his face "Wei Long, exactly how much do we need to pay you to help us uncover where the blast came from?"

"A million bronze coins." The sect master of the Bronze Ape King sect called Wei Long, directly said without mincing words.

As soon as he said that, the sect masters of other sects looked at him and began to make angered hissing sounds, with one of them asking in the next moment, "Wei Long, why are charging us that high? Isn't it too much for just a method that you want to deploy to trace the blast to whatever source produced it?"

As soon as that sect master asked that, Wei Long smiled and said "No. It's not much. It is in fact too low, since the

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