Life-Seizing Juggernaut Spear technique

Immediately after Max said that, Bai Chen said with a determined tone in his voice, "I see. Then I guess I have to deploy my more powerful skills to take you down."

"Oh. I would love to see you try." Max said and immediately prepared himself for the upcoming deadly and more intense battle between him and Bai Chen who at the moment, had began to endlessly emit stronger and more fierce pulses of power from his whole body.

Not warning Max about anything, Ice Qi suddenly rushed out of Bai Chen's right palm in really large amounts before abruptly condensing into a massive, ice-bound sword that instantly shot out towards Max at a great speed. And as it did so, it caused a space of hundreds of feet around it to immediately turn into a polar zone. And this was because the atmospheric temperature in that region radically reduced to a degree that the vast layer of earth that Max stood on, became instantly covered in thick, crystalline layer of solid i

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