Making an appearance

"I see." The man harshly spoken to by the guard said and smiled.

He then slowly walked backward to go into the small crowd gathered behind him. And as he did so, he stared intensely at the guard who only looked at him with a fierce and ferocious look in his face.

Then suddenly, he waved a hand and the crowd of people gathered behind him who were actually warriors, instantly rushed forward with all sorts of treasured weapons appearing in their hands and beginning to glow in different colors of light as soon as they received the infusions of Qi into them.

Once this happened, the guards also immediately took out their treasured weapons to fight with the crowd of people rushing towards them.

Max who had understood what was going on, only shook his head and said with am awry smile appearing in his face, "There is chaos everywhere in this damned world. Not a single day of peace. Well, same with my world. Especially those slums. There are violence and brutality

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