Master Seven Miseries appears

As for Max, he was fully engaged in battle with the bandits at his own side.

So, with heavy punches and kicks infused with his Kronous Energy, he was able to send them flying into the distance where they crashed into the earth with crushed ribs and chest bones which then immediately resulted in their gruesome deaths. The punches and kicks that Max sent out at them were powerful enough to cause large rocks to scatter with a loud bang into countless fragments.

Not long, a person called Master Seven Miseries and was quite tall and had long purple hair, appeared in the air before Max with an evil expression in his marred face. 

"Young man, why are you so eager to meet your death? And now that you have done all these, what exactly have you gained? Peace of mind, joy, happiness? Do tell me, I would love to know" The person called Master Seven Miseries said with his brows furrowed.

"Well, to be sincere

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