Meeting Cultivators And Knowing About The Power Bestowed By Practicing Cultivation (I)

"Hello guys" He said with an amiable smile in his face.

"Uhm.. Hi" One who seemed to be the leader of the group tried to stop his mind that was reeling in awe and utter astonishment to greet Alex.

"I believe one of your colleague is bleeding away to his death. You guys should stop staring and go help him." Max said to the people who were still looking at him with astonished gazes in their eyes.

As soon as Max said these, the people before him came out of their astonished states while two boys quickly left the group that they were in and hurried towards where the boy whose leg was ripped away from the thigh region to help stop the profuse bleeding. 

After the two boys left the group, Max looked at the rest of the people in the group with a curious gaze in his eyes. 

He then asked "What did you guys come to do here that you came across such a mighty beast?"


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