Defeating Half-Moon Saber I & II

Then immediately producing a large, bronze-colored saber in his hand from his spatial ring which he grasped tightly, he began to channel his blood-red Blade Qi into it in the next moment.

And once Blade Qi poured out of his hand and into the huge bronze saber, the entire surface of the saber's blade instantly lit up with a blinding, ominous blood-red radiance, which then dyed a large area of the ground below it in it horrifying color. And as it unceasingly emitted that exceedingly baleful brilliance, it began to produce imperceivable humming sounds that seemed to have a particular effect on anybody that would hear it, since it made both Zhu Lian and a few other people watching their battle from afar, to feel totally disoriented and actually, visually disturbed, since they began to see images of scary-looking phantasms and wraiths, then large goos of blood and massive puddles of flesh and organs on the ground from time to time. 

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