Robbing the thieves (1)


The Dragonness cackled.

She then said, "Alright, Max. I will take you out of here now."

Then she continued, "And don't worry yourself about how Zhu Lian and Xiao Bilan are going to find you. As we speak now, I have invisibly marked you with a wisp of my ethereal Soul Flame energy which would serve as an indicator or tracer for me. So, once they are done with receiving my transmissions, I will instantly teleport them to wherever you are."

"Oh. That's great. I will like to see them one last time before we all separate." Max said with a slight smile in his face.

He then hurriedly spoke further once he recalled something, "And Dragonness, please don't teleport them in when I am naked."


The Dragonness cackled again.

"Then don't be naked!" She said while Max produced an awry smile in his face.

"Alright. It's time to bring you out of here" The Dragonness said while Max nodded his head.

Then before the legacy-

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