Shattering the vault

"I think so too. After that mighty blast that concealed the entire sky above our state appeared and raged into the far distance at an unimaginable speed, I saw nothing of that blood-red spear which emitted that intense cold that nearly turned everyone in the city and everything in it into solid ice." Another said as he tried to make exact deductions of what happened earlier.

"Finally, they have been destroyed. But look at the city, it has been turned into a cold zone. I wonder when all these ice would melt. Also, look at our people. Many of them have been turned into ice. And it's sure that they are absolutely dead. Thus is bad. Like enormously bad. Can I still continue to stay in this state, even if all the vile people have all been eliminated?" One asked with immense sorrow and sadness in his heart.

"Yes, we still can. Do you know what we would meet in other cities that we would go to once we leave here?" Another person asked with his brows furrowed.

"No, we c

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