Shocked and giving due respect

Once Max said that, the guards looked at him with their brows furrowed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" One of the uniformed guards immediately asked.

Max only smiled upon hearing that. He then said, "That means I would have to resort to brute strength to force my way in to meet your boss."

"Let's see you try." The guards surprisingly said in unison while Max only shook his head.

Then very quickly, he dashed towards one of them using his Vampiric Movement ability, seized him by the neck and flung him away using his super-strength. And as soon as he did that, he immediately shot out towards the other two to shove them away from his path.

The other cultivator guards who couldn't react on time due to the extreme speed that Max moved at, had their necks suddenly grabbed by him and then lifted into the air before being flung far away like dirty pieces of rags.

Immediately Max launched those three away from his path, he was quickly faced by other

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