Shocking utterances of the Dragonness

The instant that sounded out from within the statue before them, Xiao Bilan's, Zhu Lian's and Max's eyes shone with looks of shock appearing in their faces.

They weren't expecting the statue to talk to them the way that I just did now.

Then quickly thinking of what to do next, Xiao Bilan and Zhu Lian bowed once again to the statue with expressions of veneration appearing in their faces. While Max who could immediately notice what they did, also bowed to the statue once again.

"Alright. You can relax yourselves now", Sounded out from the statue which was currently gazing at them with glowing eyes.

The moment it said that, Xiao Bilan's group straightened themselves back from their full bowing position and began to look at it with awed expressions in their faces. 

They just couldn't believe that the Dragonness's statue would be able to talk to them like it were a real, living b

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