Sky Saber's towering devilish power

When the grey-robed male said that, Violetblades only produced a smile in his face and said, "It's you trying to do everything in your power to escape your inevitable death." 


Once the grey-robed male heard that, he burst into a loud and raucous laughter. 

He then said with a serious and frosty expression appearing in his face, "I guess I would have to use my saber to slash you to shreds then!" The green-robed male who was nicknamed, Sky Saber, seriously threatened from where he stood.

Then immediately producing a large, grey-colored saber in his hand from his spatial ring which he grasped tightly, he began to channel his dark black Blade Qi into it in the next moment.

And once Blade Qi poured out of his hand and into the huge grey saber, the entire surface of the saber's blade instantly lit up with a blinding, dark black radiance which then dyed a large area of t

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