The grey-robed male

Then before he could perform any aerial move to land firmly and stably with his feet on the ground, a powerful blast of heavily compressed air that possessed the ability to instantly erode a large layer of the earth surface, suddenly discharged from within the treasure floating in the air at him which then heavily impacted Violetblades' body and sent him flying at a great speed into the far distance. 

Once he crashed into the earth from the powerful air blast attack that was sent out at him by the combined defensive and offensive arrays within the treasure which then heavily impacted into his body and sent him flying like an arrow into the distance, a group of bandits that had come out of the cave that they were staying after hearing all the ruckus that was going on, instantly noticed him. Then they prepared to attack him. 

So, they immediately dashed to where Violetblades fell into to immediately rain torrents of Qi attacks at him

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