Slaughter begins (3)

"This could be the work of the Iron Rebellion cult and Blackfist. But it seems like they are involved in some type of intense battle with some other groups or something, or those terrifying boom sounds that rang out earlier wouldn't have surfaced. I strongly feel that they are battling some other groups or members of a particular faction. However, I immensely hope that the people fighting them are freedom fighters and are powerful enough to subdue and slay the entire members of the Blackfist group and Iron Rebellion cult." Someone in the inn said while the others began to look around with hope beginning to burn in their eyes.

Once that person said that, the middle-aged men that Max spoke to, began to look at each other with their eyes glowing.

Then when they recalled what Max said, they couldn't help have their eyes twitch.

"Is it the boy battling them? Or he comes from a faction of freedom fighters who are currently, intensely battling both the Blackfist group

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