Stronger opponents arrive

"I guess this must be where they hid the treasures or coins that they looted from places that they attacked." Max said with the nod of his head.

He then squatted by the side of the metallic cover for the large metallic pipe in front of him and reached out with his hands to grab it.

Then once he did so, he tried to pull the lid open using the super-strength ability that he possessed.

However, he couldn't go far with his intention as something that seemed large and pierced through the sky while producing whistling sound, suddenly shot from far towards him at a great speed.

Perceiving the whistling sound that had abruptly surfaced from far using his superhuman hearing, Max immediately dashed away from where he was by rapidly deploying his super speed power.


A few seconds after he had dashed away from where he was, a massive claw that was colored ink-black and radiated terrifying heat, struck the ground that Max initially was and caused it

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