The power of the Medi-Bots

So, since Zhu Lian wasn't expecting the attacks that were sent out at her, the attributed beams of energy that shot towards her from far in the distance and from every direction, heavily struck her and inflicted her with lot of injuries.

Then she was hurled off her feet and into the far distance where she landed to the ground with her entire body covered with lots of injuries which had blood spurt out from it continuously.

Not long, the cultivators that sent out those attacks at her which consisted of both male and female cultivators, appeared before her body that was lying in a small pool of her own blood.

Then once they got in front of her terribly injured and bloodied body, they looked at her with icy-cold expressions in their faces, with one of them suddenly saying with a cold smile in his face, "Well, it is your time to stay down and rot, lady"

And once he said that, the people around him who seemed to be like his colleagues, suddenly burst into a lo

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