The shrine-shaped treasure

So, with the special, armor-manifesting technique that would grant him a certain level of invulnerability, Skysword wasn't scared of the attack that was shooting towards him. 

Then immediately clasping his palm, he said within himself with his eyes closed as he focused internally, "Great Lizard Divine Armor! Surface!"

The instant he uttered that, large amounts of Fire Qi immediately erupted from his whole body through the pores of his skin before rapidly condensing into a solid, flaming armor of Fire Qi on his body. Then once the burning armor formed on his body, the massive, illusionary image of a majestic lizard suddenly appeared behind him only for a few seconds before disappearing. 

Then once the attack that brimmed with the power to sunder the earth arrived before him, Skysword immediately punched out at it with his right fist.


The instant his fist heavily s

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