42. The Two Chiefs

The following day, Brahmuhn and Chief Mbada were taking a stroll outside the compound, walking through the village. 

‘You see all of this, Brahmuhn?’ said Mbada, ‘All this wealth and beauty that is Matanda Village? This is the work of my hands!’ He beat his massive chest in pride.

‘I’m sure your people deserve credit too, right? I mean, there is no chiefdom without the people,’ Brahmuhn said.

Chief Mbada laughed disdainfully. 

The laugh was so hoarse, arrogant and annoying that Brahmuhn fought every fiber in his body to slap Chief Mbada in the face.

‘Do not be so naïve, Brahmuhn!’ he gave him a friendly yet hard slap on his back. ‘The people are only there to compliment the works of the chief; to acknowledge his excellence. Why do you think Mwari created us in the first place? To add value to his excellence through the acknowledgement and appreciation of his power!’

‘I do not acknowledge any deity by that name, but all I know

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