Mision; Sword Legend
Mision; Sword Legend
Author: Ideabadar
1. Entering the Dreadful Dungeon

Crack! brushes!

The gifts that Saka had prepared were stepped on by Nadine. In fact, Saka had been collecting money long enough to give Nadine a birthday present. His girlfriend, now immediately stepped on the gift. Exactly, when a rich man was waiting by his car.

"We broke up! I don't want anything to do with you anymore!" Nadine promises Marcel to end her love affair with Saka. Marcel will be her lover, he is a rich player and has a lot of money.

“Remember, trash players like you, your future will not flourish! You are just trash!” Nadine's last words and left Saka just like that. Nadine immediately approached Marcel, Marcel smiled and they left.

Saka was still silent where he stood, he picked up the gift prepared for Nadine. It was the cellphone he had prepared. Ah never mind! After all, life will definitely go on.

“I suck!”

Saka kept his gift back. He headed for his motorbike, college was over. It's time to go home. Destiny sucks for him, money is everything in this world. Saka got ready to go and drove his motorbike. He had to go to the hospital, his mother was sick and was being treated in the ICU. His mother's shortness of breath relapsed, and Saka only had his mother in this world.

Nadine decided to break up with Saka only because of one thing, poverty!

Tuuuut! Tuuuut! Tuuuut!

Saka's cell phone rings.

“Saka, we have a high-paying raid. Dungeon tier six!” it was the voice of Evans who was a classmate. He was already home earlier.

"Okay Evans, when are we going in?"

"Afternoon, at 16.00, I have also entered your user list in it."


In 2030, the world is developing very fast. Technology has taken over human life. All over this world, there are games that have become legends. Universal Chaos. There are 2 billion users from all over the world playing in Universal Chaos, and those who have expertise in the field of games co-founded Universal Chaos. The result is amazing. All game players around the world are attracted and moved to Universal Chaos. In fact, many people work in the game, collecting Diamonds.

Saka, one of the laborers at Universal Chaos. Everyone plays and becomes a Player and gets rich and Pro Player. Meanwhile, Saka is stuck looking for Diamonds for life's needs and also treating his mother. Augmented Reality games at the price of expensive game capsules. This made his mother sell her only land to buy Saka the Universal Chaos equipment.

Loser! Saka grumbled in his heart. He immediately started his motorcycle and went to the hospital. His mother has started recovery, she can go home. Saka had to pick him up. Saka looked at his mother and smiled. His mother had been conscious since yesterday, his mother forced him to go home. For three days his mother had to be in intensive care because of difficulty breathing.

The problem now is the Hospital bill. The money had run out, and Saka finally signed a letter of debt to the hospital. His mother can go home too. Saka took his mother's ride slowly, along the way Saka was silent and didn't make a sound. The condition of Saka's family and his mother is now sad, living in a rented house. Everything sucks! Saka is just trash in this life! Saka almost cried.


It was his mother's gentle hand on Saka's left shoulder.

"Don't think about it, Saka. Let Mother think about Hospital debt, you focus on studying! Soon the Final Project will be made right?” his mother's soft voice made Saka cry the whole way. He couldn't hold himself back any longer, trash like him is always the loser!

Arriving home, Saka helped his mother to rest. At that time, his younger brother Sendi came home from school, he was only in the first grade of junior high school.

"Mom is home right Old Brother?" asked Joint in a hurry to put down his bag and shoes. He ran into the room and saw his mother lying down. Saka didn't answer and just nodded his head.

A simple house and it is rented. Water bills, electricity bills, rent bills. And, plus the hospital bill. Saka's college is not finished yet, and his young brother's school fees are. Everything was tiring for Saka.

A few moments later, Sendi came and slowly sat beside Saka.

“Brother, I will quit school and earn some money. I ..."

“Enough, Sendi. Let Big Brother think about it, you have to go to school and become a big person in the future!”

"But Brother Saka, Mother's expenses..."

Saka hugged his younger brother, "I promise you will get it tomorrow! I promise!"

Sendi didn't protest anymore, Saka walked into his room, and lay down on his bed. In front of him, close to the wall. The game capsule that had accompanied him to play for a long time, he had been using that expensive item for six years now. His mother sold Saka his only house when he was still in high school because Saka felt he could make money from the game.

Saka called his friend Evans. He was curious, about how much money to enter the sixth level of the Raid Dungeon. Evans said that it was Five Thousand Diamonds or the equivalent of five million rupiahs. It's precious to repay the hospital's installment fees.

It's time to leave. The time is set, it's time. Saka enters the game Capsule and puts on the hood for access to Universal Chaos. User name Saka has also been documented, so get ready to do the Raid Dungeon mission level 6.

Ready! Enter the game system.

Holographic colors filled Saka's vision, he pressed the helmet button that covered his head.

[Welcome to Universal Chaos, Player Username; The Legend of the Destroyer. You are logged in, waiting for the process]


[Welcome, Legend of Destroyer]

The start of the game is always in Bacon Town. The place where all players first enter Universal Chaos, after that they can move to every city that has Simcal. Simcal is a teleportation tool that serves as a means of every City station throughout the Universal Chaos games.

Saka waited for Evans to come, and the two met. Saka's level is now 21, while Evans is at level 37. The difference between the two of them playing is far away, Saka has played for 6 years and Evans has only played for 3 years. All of that is because Saka is only a digger and Diamond hunter, without attaching importance to leveling up.

"We're leaving, Saka."

Saka even had to borrow diamonds from Evans to enter Simcal where the Raid was. Saka ran out of money, he borrowed money from Evans, and Evans lent it. Saka promised to return it when the raid fee was obtained. Saka and Evans touch hands, and the Diamond transfer is sent. 100 Diamonds.

They leave. They reached the city of Mercury.

[Welcome to Mercury City]

Saka didn't know, what was in Dungeon level 6, that had never occurred to Saka. He didn't care, he just needed money to pay off his mother's medical expenses. Although, Saka knew Dungeon level 6 must be filled with terrible and strong Monsters.

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