Son of Eros

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Son of Eros

By: Wichser OngoingSystem

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In a society which celebrates the wealthy and punishes the poor, Pan is bullied and humiliated by his classmates and his family. At the breaking point, he realizes he is the heir of a powerful god, and his destiny lies in ruling the world.

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  • SSThea


    The world-building is very good in the first chapter but too much description. I lost focus and re-read again to understand the world. Full stats for the story.

    2024-06-09 19:19:12
  • Oshim Lawrence


    You already have an Intriguing plot, all the smut is not necessary

    2023-07-25 17:44:36
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13 chapters
The Abandoned God
High on a mountain peak, a man sat under an ancient elder tree in deep meditation. His eyes were shut and an onlooker would think he was no longer alive. The man’s body was powerfully built, dressed in ancient armor and mail, exuding power and domination. Vines entwined around him and flowers grew out of his armor, making the spectacle extremely bizarre.It was a bright but cool morning, and nature was in perfect harmony. Insects raked, birds sang, and animals joined the chorus. Nobody would expect what universe-altering event was about to happen.The man was old indeed, but only of age. He had lived for centuries and yet had the physical constitution of a forty-year-old man in his prime. His aura was thick and divine like a god. He was, in simple terms, an immortal. The tiny planet, Erode, was his sanctuary and prison. It was a quarter the size of the earth’s moon. One could drive around the planet’s circumference in a day. It had a modest blue sea and two new-fold mountain ranges. P
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First Day of Academy
Pan Osbourne was optimistic today. He was eighteen, and it was his first day at Cloyster Academy of Technology. Even though he was poor and likely to be mistreated, he was still excited to learn and get ahead in life.The boy had been looking forward to this day after graduating from high school. The latter had been a nightmare. Pan’s wealthy classmates enjoyed torturing and humiliating him. They would burn his books, spill water on his homework, throw his lunch to the dogs, fill his desk with cat turds, and so on.He could not complain to authorities because nobody cared about helping a poor kid. The rich bullies always got away.Pan’s treatment was not so different at home. His parents died in a car crash when he was a baby and since then his uncle’s family adopted him. However, they treated him like a servant.His elder cousin brother, two older sisters, and one younger sister, were all given special treatment while Pan was considered a humiliation to the family. They made him slee
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The Trap
“Pan Osbourne, right?” Jessica asked cheerfully, walking ahead of him in the corridor. It was a windowed passage that led to the college gymnasium. Ample sunlight lit the entire length of the gallery.“That’s correct.”“Ah, then Leo Osbourne is your brother?”Leo was twenty-two and in his third year at Cloyster Academy. He was the Student President of the academy, and a popular figure for his good looks and grades.Compared to his brother, Pan was a nobody.“Yeah… He is…”Did Jessica want to use him to get to Leo? “Your parents are elite suppliers of construction equipment, aren’t they?”Pan nodded. His parents started the business when they were alive. It was taken over by his uncle shortly after their untimely deaths.“Yeah, but I am not a part of the main Osbourne family. I work there as a servant.”“I see…”“Can I say something, Jessica?” Pan posed.“Go ahead.”“Umm, you are quite popular. I hate to say it… but you should not be seen with me. Since I’m from the lower society.”“Sh
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Finding Sunlight
Pan was underwater and did not know how to swim. He was almost out of breath and started guzzling water. The lake water was clear, sweet, and cold. It was almost welcoming.'What sort of trap is this?' he thought in panic. 'Did my bullies set this up?'But the magic he was experiencing was too advanced to be carried out by a first year. Did he fall into one of the academy's ponds?Initially, his instincts acted up, and his fingers reached for the surface, wiggling as a signal for help. However, as his body flailed helplessly, he saw the surface retreating. Pan was sinking. Nobody saw the boy drowning, and hence nobody came to his rescue.Every insult that he had ever been subjected to flashed across his mind. The words resonated in his head and hurt him like fatal slaps. 'Why do I let myself be treated like shit?' he wondered.Pan was convinced he was dying, but part of him gasped for air, trying to break to the water's surface. 'Why am I struggling to live?''The world out there hat
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Eros’ Extended Family
Pan almost died underwater. If what he was currently experiencing was one last dream of fantasy, then it was pretty entertaining. If it was fake, then he had nothing to lose.If it was real, then his life was about to change forever. But first, he needed to win the successor contest.He nodded to the talking frog, finally having wrapped his head around the situation. "I agree. Please begin."Jewel hopped down from the leaf pedestal and said, "Excellent! Let's proceed. Currently, we are on a lower slope of Mount Filo, which has four rungs. You must pass three of them successfully to get to the top. The fourth rung is the summit, where you can meet your divine parents." Pan nodded."Let me open a portal to the first rung," Jewel said.The talking frog croaked in a musical rhythm. Water from the pond rose and formed a large, swirling circle in front of them. "Follow me!" he instructed before hopping into the magic ring. He did not come out the other way but vanished.Pan took gradual and
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Couples Counseling
Felix the hedgehog let out a resounding grunt, and a portal opened behind him. A bunch of people walked out of it. They were grown-ups, seven couples, to be exact. Meanwhile, the other liaisons used magic to bring seven tables and chairs to the garden. Each of the seven couples was asked to occupy a table. They seemed to be under some spell, so they followed the general commands of the liaisons.The adults all wore swimsuits as well. 'What's with the swimsuits?' Pan wondered. 'Is everyone expecting to go to the beach? Why am I the only one left out?' He was about to ask Jewel when the hedgehog spoke up."As Managing Liaison, I will take this opportunity to explain the rules of the first test," Felix began. "The purpose of the God of Love is not only to create new matches but also to mend broken matches. It will be easy for the successor of Eros to do so once they have received the divine powers. But can they fix painful love through human abilities? Let's find out." "Each couple in
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Origin of the Universe
The Liaisons Council sat in a closed circle. Nobody spoke a word for several minutes. They had provided the candidates with refreshments for the time being while the liaisons excused themselves to evaluate performances.Felix, the hedgehog, was in deep thought, tapping his tiny claws on the sandy ground."I had no idea he had the flame," Jewel croaked. "I swear in the name of the gods!"Felix glared at the frog and said sternly," You have landed us in a lot of trouble, my friend. Such an incident had not happened over centuries!"Jewel sighed and hung his head."Umm… What is the flame?" Coco the parrot asked. She was a fresher liaison and unfamiliar with ancient history and godlore.Felix wrung his hands and spoke up. "Fine. I will explain everything for the benefit of everyone who does not know. I'm getting old, so I'll depend on Jewel and Fluffy to fill in the gaps in information if I leave anything out. They are the only other seniors who have been to the assembly of gods."Jewel an
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The Divine Flood
"Hey, wake up, sleepy head," a velvety voice said. A warm hand touched Pan's cheek. He stirred with his eyes closed and held the hand against his face. "It's so warm… Mom…" he murmured and smiled."Wake up, Pan..." the voice repeated. "I'm not your mom."The boy opened his eyes. A beautiful girl's face loomed over him. Ash-blonde hair cascaded down like dunes in the sand. Her blue eyes were so serene that they made Pan drowsy again. The boy lowered his eyes and saw a tight bust pressed against spandex. "Penelope?" he mumbled."Yes, it's me. Penny. You were talking in your sleep. What happened to you? Why did you pass out?""I… uh… I don't know. I don't remember. Did you guys see anything?"She shook her head gracefully. "Felix had magically censored everything happening at other tables. We were told you scored high on the test but passed out, probably due to exhaustion. But what actually happened at your couples table, nobody knows." Penny brought forth a tissue and wiped his upper l
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Heart of the Mountain
“Alright,” Felix the hedgehog began. All the candidates seem to have arrived through the portals. I’ll explain how this rung works shortly.”The liaisons had transported the boys and girls into what appeared to be inside a cave. They stood in a narrow, winding tunnel with dingy stone walls surrounding them. It was dark, but Felix had conjured an orb of light with magic.“Do not be alarmed,” the hedgehog insisted. “We are in the heart of Filo mountain and closer to the summit than earlier. If any candidate feels uncomfortable or has trouble breathing, let me know. We will portal you right back. However, remember that would be considered a forfeit from the contest.”The candidates nodded. The contests were getting weirder.“What sort of test will you conduct here?” Blaze asked. He was so tall that his head almost touched the tunnel’s roof.“In the last rung, we tested whether you could re-ignite love through your words. In this one, we’ll test if you can resist love.” The candidates lo
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Freak Attack!
The boys walked silently down the tunnel allotted to them. Initially, they could hear the girls' voices through the separating wall. However, as the passages diverged, their sounds faded and eventually disappeared. "We will appear at your side once the test is over," Felix the hedgehog had reassured them. "Good luck!" he had added before disappearing with his colleagues.And thus, the boys were by themselves, walking down the spooky tunnel. The liaisons had left each of them with a light orb that levitated above their heads like miner lamps."Should we take off our clothes already?" Cory asked. "I don't want to be burned alive by the freaks. That's not the way I want to go.""Yes, let's do that right away!" Blaze announced with enthusiasm.The other boys stripped down to nothing. Pan hesitated and wished he could do it in the darkness. However, a gnarled light orb floated above him, casting him into the spotlight. Pan felt a wave of intimidation overwhelm him as he stared at the guy
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