Solitary Sword Sovereign

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Solitary Sword Sovereign

By: Theonionjunktion OngoingSystem

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One day, every human on earth was given a class and gained abilities. People gained levels and stats ; like strength and agility. Will Chamberlain ; a sixteen-year old ; was given the class Water Mister. He had the ability to freely control water. An ability ability that had more than meets the eye. At the same time, mysterious structures called dungeons showed up all around the world. Demons escaped from them and attacked mankind. Those who conquered these dungeons were rewarded with power beyond their wildest dreams. This was not easy as the dungeons were filled with many dangers. Will decided to enter a dungeon. His power... Water His weapon... A rusty katana His aim... The path to immortality His destiny... To conquer the Dao of the sword. Join Will as he fights to build his own empire, in a world plagued with demons, dungeons and much more mysterious phenomenon.

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    not bad it's entertaining to say the least

    2022-05-10 11:56:25
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35 chapters
Progue - The Path Carved by the Sword
... Swoosh! A humanoid silhouette was sliced in two instantly, its body parts falling to the ground as if they were lifeless to begin with. "Hah." Next to the body a young man sighs in relief, he was of medium build, less than average height, with dark hair, brown eyes and a light brown skin tone. Normally a person his age should be filled with the vigorous nature of youth, however this young man appeared somewhat more mature. His heaving chest and deep breaths revealed that he was tired. His expression displayed indifference, his faced hardened by constant battle. He was brandishing a sword; this sword was covered in blood. Surrounding him were approximately 50 or so corpses, littering the floor. "Damn, these guys didn't give me enough experience! These demons are too weak; I just wasted five minutes for nothing!" After muttering to himself the man returned his katana to its scabbard and checked his body, to ensure he was all in one piece. He was pleased with the results, fo
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Death of a Peerless Nerd
 Will's family situation was a bit complicated. The Chamberlain family was always successful, because Will's father was a wealthy businessman. Will's older brother Michael was also skilled in the business world and helped his father manage various companies. Jane, the second born sibling, was a talented Martial artist who was very gifted for her age. She was predicted to compete internationally in the future. Will - was Will, he had no special inclination or ability. The family was always a bit competitive, but things changed a few years ago.Will's father remarried a few years ago. This woman was considered to be the perfect woman. She was smart, intelligent, and beautiful, the perfect trophy wife. She came from a rich family and had two children from a previous marriage. They were twins, a boy and a girl. They too were very accomplished and intelligent. Lisa was a famous classical pianist at only 12. Dillan was a science
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The Gifts of Duality
 ..."The title dual pioneer allows you to gain an extra class. It will bourgeon your dual mind skill. The higher the level you reach, the more times you will be able to split your mind. The dual mind skill, will double every five levels. ""Please state the parameters of your second class. This class must differ from your first class choice to avoid a class between abilities. You do not have a time limit due to your title as a pioneer.""Hahaha!" Will laughed aloud.His face contorted in hysteria and a tinge of insanity."If this is a dream, I never want to wake up!" Will thought to himself in excitement."Wait-"Will knew that he needed to focus. He still didn't know what exactly was happening, but he knew that it was important and that he needed to focus.
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Immortality Is All I Ask
 ...The voice suddenly went silent. The world suddenly stopped. All that was moving stilled, even the birds were frozen in their flight. The color drained from the world, becoming monochrome, black and white."What!"Will was again surprised and left bewildered at what was happening around him. What seemed to be a man in dark oriental style robes appeared in front of Will, he was taller than Will, and wore a red dragon's face mask. It was Modus. There was something intriguing, yet daunting about his presence. Will immediately could tell that this man was not a normal person, he was powerful. His very being exuded an aura of supercilious authority."I am Modus," said the darkly clad man."Who are you?" Will was brought out of his paralysis of bewilderment."As I said, I am Modus. Understand this –I hate repeating myself." The man replied.Will was nervous; he was not sure how he should deal with the situation. He ra
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 As soon as Modus faded away, the world melted into its usual color and time began to flow again. Will still stood by himself in the middle of the street. He acted rationally when everything was happening, but the reality of what happened suddenly hit him. He felt as though he had taken morphine. He was numb with euphoria. His worries melted away and his mind swayed as though he was floating in water. Yet, he started to wonder what he should do next."Become immortal? How am I supposed to do that?"Will was familiar with the concept of ascension into immortality. His Chinese novels heavily included this idea as part of the main story lines. Unfortunately, in most of the novels that Will reads, this was a feat regarded as almost impossible. The characters that were able to achieve this state had a lot of help from other characters and developed surpassing talents."Sigh"

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The Art of the Solitary Sword Sovereign
 The information that flowed into Will's mind was about cultivation. There were three types of energy that a human was able to use: Qi, mana, and yuan. Qi was the energy of the body. Mana was the energy of the spirit. Yuan energy is a fusion of the two. There are different yuan energies, one that is primarily Qi, one that is primarily mana, and one that is a balance of the two. Once a player has reached a certain level of skill and ability, they are able to use yuan energy. The closer a player's yuan energy is to a perfect balance of the two, the better and more affective the energy is. It is when yuan energy is at a perfect balance, having equal amounts of Qi and mana; it is considered very high quality. These players are then called a practitioner. Practitioners have a greater advantage of other players who cultivate and absorb energy from the universe, because they are able to use both types of energies.Cultivation is
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Enlightenment Through Battle!
 ...Next thing Will knew, he was in a beautiful garden. It was decorated with beautiful flowers of all kinds. There was a big pond near where he was standing, and next to it was a table with two chairs. On the tables were delicacies, food like sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, cheese and many other things."This is..." Will was stunned by the sight. Normally he wasn't much for aesthetic beauty, but he couldn't help but marvel at the sight, especially the food. Will was a serious glutton. He loved any food, so long as it had starch, cheese and meat, especially meat.Will was once taught an African word by his best friend. It was nyama. It meant meat. Will noticed that his friend would always shout this when he saw a girl with an ass. At first he found it odd, but eventually he was doing it too!"Please join me." Modus was standing right next to Will. He pointed to
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Sword Totem
Chapter 7 – Sword Totem...Will was in the zone! He finally felt like he somewhat understood the essence of those words! It was only when he was about to die, that the idea hit him. Death was the end of a life! A previously obvious assertion that now bore so much weight.Or one could say the absence of life. Just like how darkness is the absence of light, or cold is the absence of heat. To understand death, one needs to start by understanding life.In everyday life, the cycle is constantly around us. When we accidentally kill an insect, or when we pluck a flower or even killing rodents in your own homes. Every human usually ignores such acts, yet they are in fact killing.Every human is a killer. When you engage in any one of these things you feel no revulsion, nor do you feel any guilt. In fact, it even feels natural.So why is killing other humans is treated differently? Because we make it relevant, we say we are justified in killing other creatures, because they are not sentient,
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First Kill
Chapter 8- First KillWill suddenly found himself in a vast jungle. It looked like a rainforest, vines crawling everywhere, the tree branches connecting, forming a vast network. In his entire vision, all he saw was green, with the occasional splash of color here and there.There were insect like noises all around him. It looked to be daytime.Will was rather surprised.This is a dungeon?To be honest, the place didn't look like a dungeon; it looked more like an episode from a program on a nature channel. Will put the rusty sword into the storage ring and decided to look around.[Welcome to the dungeon King Yama's Gate]These words suddenly appeared in Will's vision.Ok. So this really is a dungeon. Will also noticed that his senses and strength were weaker here. As if they were being suppressed in some way. He was still far stronger than when he was a normal person, but he was feeling weaker than before. It took Will a few seconds to get used to this change.After the floating words
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Perfecting Technique Through Slaughter
Chapter 9- Perfecting Technique through Slaughter...Suddenly, Will felt the ground tremble slightly; his senses were heightened, so he could tell that whatever was causing the earth to shake was nearby. He looked around and found a tall tree.It was the tallest tree around, and it was perfect for Will's purposes. He climbed the tree quickly with nimble and agile movements, and when he reached the top, he looked around, only to see a ridiculous sight.Whatever was approaching, it was coming from all around Will, and as it got closer, trees were mowed down as if they were grass.This sounds like a monster horde. Indeed, just as Will thought, it was a horde of monsters. Or rather to be specific it was a pack, a pack of large grey wolves which had encircled Will from all directions. At first Will was happy. With such a great amount of enemies he could get the practice he needed. Soon however, Will's smile turned into a frown.The number of wolves seemed endless. It was as if a massive
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