Chapter 269 - Rest for a while

Chapter 269 - Rest for a while

He was inspired by the girl's expression and agreed to Sanao's invitation. The knights gave him away and joined in, encouraging him to defeat her. He took his prided weapon. Two people who had extraordinary abilities were facing each other, waiting for the signal.

Nana, as the referee, prepares to lower her hand. The two of them slashed at each other. Sanao purposely didn't use her divine power and wanted to match that of a human's ability to make it easy for her to attack with no gaps.

Practicing with these young people made her hone his skills even more. Flames erupted from the two blades, rubbing against each other, as Alex expected, Sanao was not an easy opponent to take down, and Brian was already overwhelmed at attacking the girl,

"I let my skills down too much because of a woman to deal with," Brian said, almost falling. If he loses, Sanao's chances of winning are even higher.

"I've faced men not once or twice," Sanao re
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