Chapter 268 - Four exercises

Chapter 268 - Four exercises

Their lives were saved because she did not use her button with lethal poison and only used a long stick to hit the penis. Although strength as a female didn't have a much impact from attack training, if the object's tip landed in a dangerous place, it could cause death on the spot.

Arrows fell from the sky as if he had predicted that Sia would receive a barrage of attacks from them. She could ward off it quickly. Not only that, Sia still had time to attack the bottom of the foot that was about to approach her when she tried to protect herself from the arrows.

Those who fell were hit in the shoulder so they could no longer raise their weapons to attack them. Half of them fell, and the others took a safe distance to see the flaws of the attack.

Young people unfamiliar with such a battle would find it challenging to face the beautiful monster now. Brian, Alex, and Kitsune watch their fight. He laughed, seeing them in a state of urgency.<
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