Ch 222 - New Beginning
"W-what is my name? What is my identity? I am so afraid right now... This place seemed very different to me." I murmured, and after that, I scanned the area out the windows with my eyes, and I noticed the greenery, which I liked so much.

It was a farm field in the surrounding area. There were so many small trees on the horizon.

The light came from the two suns as I looked up at the sky. The ray of light made me blink my eyes multiple times.

There was also a small river, like drainage, all around the farm field to feed the water to the vegetation surrounding the area.

"Wow, where the fuck am I?"

"Who am I? Why the fuck is my name Seo? Is that my name? This is crazy…"

"Where are they...?"

I asked so many questions softly in a teary voice, as I could not accept so many different things. It just felt like a different reality with a different identity.

I turned my head toward the woman behind me and paused. I noticed she had blond hair, yellowish skin that almost looked like a very light b
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