Ch 221 - I Become Seorus?
"Good soldier, Asper Mentos, you poked him with Mars particles. Yeah hahaha." Baegi laughed hysterically in a wicked way.

I was in pain and vomited the blood. My blood splattered on the ground, and I could not say anything.

"Husband..." Diana came to me swiftly as she was worried about my condition, embraced me in her arms, and made me swallow the sacred water in her possession, but it could not heal me after 10 bottles of it.

After some time, I gave up trying to drink more of the sacred water. I raised my hand and grabbed the bottle from my hand to stop her from pouring the sacred water into my mouth.

I looked into her eyes as she was crying at my condition, and blood was out of my chest and mouth. I realized that I could no longer be saved.

The blade was made from a Mars particle that was stronger than my body. To be precise, it is the sharpest blade in the world because it was made out of Mars particles. The blade could slice an atom in two.

I looked around and saw that they had man
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