My Masked Wife

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My Masked Wife

By: Gideon Johnson CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Derek gets a surprise delivery one day— it turns out to be his wife's favorite skirt. He instantly starts to suspect his wife of infidelity. He begins to find other evidence along the way but each time she finds a way to prove her loyalty to him which only leaves him conflicted. Now, he'll do anything to get to the bottom of the truth...

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Chapter 1
Although Derek already had his suspicions, it still came to him as a surprise to find his wife's favourite skirt in the box that he just opened. The box which he just received two minutes ago from the delivery man.Just this morning, while going through the wardrobe that he shares with Catherine, his wife, he found her international passport whereas she told him two days before that she was traveling out of the country for a business trip.Why would she be on a trip out of the country without her passport?"It's about time she explains herself," he says as he puts down the box to fish his phone out of his pocket.Derek wastes no time putting a call through to Catherine. And at the third ring, she picks up."Where are you?" he demands to know, his voice a bit loud and stern. It reflected just how much he was trying to suppress his anger."What?"That was the response that came from the phone. It wasn't even her response that bothered him. It was the fact that she sounded like she was o
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Chapter 2
Hours have passed but Derek still couldn't find his wife.The thought of knowing that she was possibly cheating on him weighed so much on his head that he didn't know when he made his way to a bar.He was never one to smoke but right now he was on the third stick of cigarette. And from the look of things, he was going to drown himself in it.Could Catherine really be cheating on him? Who sent the package in the first place? Was it her? Or was it the man she was cheating on him with?A call drives him out of his thoughts and he checks the ID to see it was Nadia."Hello," he says into the phone, puffing a cloud a smoke out of his mouth as he hits the butt of the cigarette on the ashtray."Derek. I'm sorry about what you might have heard earlier. I can promise that it's not what you think," Nadia tells him as she pleads."What am I supposed to think then?""Whatever you heard was just a joke," she claims. "I was dancing with a friend and he jokingly made that remark. Shouldn't have let h
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Chapter 3
"What happened?" Derek asks into the phone almost nonchalantly as he waits for his wife to explain herself."I'm sorry about earlier," Catherine pleads. "I got knocked down by someone while on the call with you and my phone broke instantly. That's why I haven't been able to reach you since then."He listened to his wife's voice with complete interest. The same voice that always had him mesmerized whenever he hears it except for now.He was finding it hard to believe any word that came out her mouth. Not with what happened this morning.So he asks her, "And what were you doing this morning that made someone knock you down?""I was jogging.""So, if your phone broke, which phone are you using to speak to me now?"He thought he was going to catch her lies from there but she had something to say as a response."The stranger that caused the damage offered to buy me a new one and that's what I just did. I'm speaking to you with a new phone.""Of course, he didn't. How was he going to believ
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Chapter 4
A few days after the supposed incident, Catherine was finally coming home. And despite Derek's complicated feelings, he still took his time to prepare her a delicious meal to eat."I'm coming," he announces right after he hears the sound of the doorbell. Some seconds ago, he heard the sound of a car pulling up in front of the apartment.He had just finished setting up the table so he quickly rushed over to the door to get it. When he opens it, he finds Catherine standing there with a bag in her hand.Catherine was still as beautiful as ever. Her petite structure was one to die for and there was no doubt that her facial beauty still has Derek mesmerized even after years of marriage to her.One thing he found strange was the fact that she has a long sleeved top on which he thought wasn't appropriate for the weather.Perhaps it was as a result of where she was coming from. That was the thought he used to wash out any negative presumption he had about the initial thought.A smile makes it
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Chapter 5
"If that's not a gift, then where did you get that from?" Catherine asks but Derek could still see through her uneasiness.Seeing her acting this strange could only mean one thing. But he didn't want to admit that it was what he was thinking."Like I said before, it was sent to me. And this is yours, Catherine. You've always had it. Can you explain what's going on here?" he confronts her with that and it didn't do much to take off her strange reaction.At first Catherine sighs. Then her face lights up like she suddenly recalled something. A completely different reaction to what she had on before."That's it," she says out loud. "I had that skirt on some days ago at a party and then washed it after. I left it out to dry but couldn't find it when I went to take it off. That's possibly why you have it here with you."Her explanation wasn't adding up. To Derek, it didn't make much sense. It was more like she was trying to play around with him."I don't get you," Derek declares. "Why would
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Chapter 6
Eventually, Derek found himself unable to resist Catherine even with the thoughts still lingering in his head.His hand slowly lurks all over her body and Catherine, now realizing what he wants, stops him all of a sudden."Can you turn off the lights?"The request she made has him surprised. His brows are up as he tries to understand what could have made her request such a thing from him.It has never happened before in their years of marriage. What could have possibly changed tonight?"Is that what you want?" he has to ask to be sure he heard her right.She affirms by saying, "Yes."Reluctantly, he stands up from the bed to turn off the lights. And with the weird feeling about her request still in him, he goes back to the bed.He starts by kissing her on the lips to which she kisses him back.The kiss lasted for about two minutes while he takes off her pyjamas.He felt he hands on his body as she takes off his clothes too. He couldn't control himself anymore and swiftly thrusts deep i
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Chapter 7
"We were separated into three teams for this one. One team played the role of armed robbers, another played the role of hostages, and the last were policemen. I got the role of an armed robber but Stacy… You remember Stacy, right?"Derek nods to that. Stacy was one of Catherine's friends who worked in the same company with her. She always mentioned her to him every now and then."Okay, so Stacy who got the role of an hostage wanted to switch roles and I agreed to it. To be honest, I didn't expect her to tie me up so tight that it ended up bruising my body."The details she gave was too good not to be true. It was as if she already prepared her story before now that Derek didn't even know what to say to go against it.He kept looking at her like she was just mincimg around with words and his look at her must have made her uncomfortable."I know you don't believe me but you can always call Stacy to ask her. She'll tell you what happened," Catherine adds that in her defence."That won't
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Chapter 8
Derek didn't waste trying the line. He was furious right now and wanted to know who in the bloody world was capable enough to send him such a text in the early hours of the day.He tried the line repeatedly but it kept saying the same thing about it being switched off. Seems whoever sent the text must be playing games with him.This was getting serious. Why would someone send a box containing his wife's skirt and then send a text claiming she was cheating on him?Right now he wasn't sure whether to believe it was a truth being revealed to him. He was beginning to think it was someone trying to mess with his marriage.An hour later, he gets a sudden call from his assistant."Hello, sir," his assistant speaks from the other end of the line."Yes?""I don't know who did this but there's a big inscription of the word 'shame' on the wall outside of your office.""What? Come again.""Someone inscribed 'shame' on the wall outside your face. I don't know who did it, sir.""Have you checked th
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Chapter 9
"A while back at Kingston's Hotel, I saw a man with a great physique. You could tell he was a hotshot with the way he dressed that day. "Well I saw him with a lady that day and trust me, they were in the most intimate position you could possibly think of as they went into a room. "I wouldn't have thought of anything because I saw only their backs but I heard the man call the lady a very familiar name," Marcus explains. "What name did he call her?" Derek asks, a bit bothered about what answer he was going to get. "Kathy. He called her Kathy. And I could have sworn that I recognized the lady's features." Derek was in an instant dilemma. It was as if he had just been shot with the truth that he was trying not to believe. "When did this happen?" he asked in a bid to analyze the information. "It's been a while, man. Like a month ago, I think." "And you're just telling me now?" "I didn't know how to present it to you. I wasn't even sure. "Isn't Kingston's Hotel here in the city?" "
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Chapter 10
"Remember what I told you, Marcus. This is the only way we can get the staff to let you check the footages," Derek said upon their arrival at the Kingston's Hotel."Yeah, I got it," Marcus says in return as they approach the receptionist counter.The receptionist behind the counter immediately flashes both of them a smile when she sights them walking over."Welcome to Kingston's Hotel. How may I help you?" she asks, maintaining the smile on her face.Marcus looks around first before saying, "I stayed here some days ago. And during my stay, I came with a watch which I seemed to have forgotten after I left. Can you help me look into that?"The receptionist assesses him to clarify his face. "Hold on, sir. Let me have your details first.""It's Marcus. Marcus Thurstan.""Alright."The receptionist proceeds to type into the system she had in front of her and in no time she got the information she needed.Meanwhile, Derek's eyes were lingering about as he tried to understand what could have
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