My Triling System

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My Triling System

By: CSManga OngoingSystem

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Note: There's Harem in this story. Rejected, due to being an human in the land of elves, Kevin was banished and casted into the river the very day he was born. But fate said he would live as he was rescued by the very person who casted him into the river. Every mage when they reach the age sixteen were told to attend the mage academy and Kevin, the abandoned human who had overheard the conversation of some students, got excited to attend this academy. He asked from his guardian if he could attend the academy but unfortunately, he was denied, all because of him being an human and not an Elf. At that moment, he became angry and had locked himself up in his guardian's workshop, that was a room full of all types of magical items. But while in the room, Xin had spotted a golden ring that instantly glowed as soon as it touched his bloody fingers. Surprisingly, he was given a system that granted him the opportunity to be an Elf. But what he discovered was that, he wasn't just an elf but a fairy and also an human. < New Quest > < Find the lost Diamond crystal of the Supreme goddess, that is hidden in the secret cave of the academy > < You have 90 days to find the crystal >

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    This book will officially start updating twice 2x daily, starting from next month (1st August 2022)... Stay updated till then...

    2022-07-24 20:19:59
  • Kyle


    Are there goin to be any updates

    2022-11-29 21:14:12
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19 chapters
Chapter One: The forsaken child
On the midnight of the first day of the year, the moon was shining so brightly that it looked almost like daylight. A new baby was born to the family of the Elves leader.But instead of happiness, tears could be seen rolling down from the eyes of the only daughter that the Elf leader had. She was hugging the bundle of cloth that was used to wrapped her baby when he was born.Her eyes were deep with sorrow and her parents, with the other members of the village looked at her with pity.They were all assembled at the mouth of the river, under the light of the new year full moon. It was a beautiful night with stars shining brightly above them.Even though, the young lady's tears made this luxurious morning view, lose it's luster.Several minutes passed and the leader of the elven clan patted the young lady's back."I'm sorry Evelyn, but we can't let an human live with us. That's the rule of this land, we must banish him for the rest of his life." The Elven leader said, feeling sad.As the
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Chapter Two: Just Once
Days turned to months, and months turned to years and on the sixteenth year after Kelvin was born, everything seems to be perfect in the Elven land. The used to be Elven village as turned into a city, there were more advanced technology than before, buildings made of glass could be seen at every corner of the city.Even though the Elven land which is now called the Sparkle City, has changed a lot, there is still a king ruling over them. The name of the king is King Darwin. He has two wives, one who bore him two children and the other who bore him none.Kelvin had grown up as a young teenager in the forest that the wizard had took him to. Although, he would often sneak out of the forest to see what the city looks like, yet the wizard would stop him before he could go any further."How many times do I have to warn you not to go out of the forest, do you want to get killed?" The wizard said as he squeezed Kelvin's ear in a way of punishing him.Kelvin's face had gotten red due to the pai
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Chapter Three: The three Elves
Everyday, Kelvin was trained to fight with fists, arrows, swords, but even after all those training, he is still weak to fight even a baby elf. It was as if his body was cursed from being able to fighting. The wizard was so worried about Kelvin but despite all his magics and tricks, none of it were able to make Kelvin grow stronger. And so he gave up and told Kelvin to train all the time, maybe someday, he would get stronger.Kelvin was with his bow and arrow and he was following after disciple Bona who was taking him far away from the house to shoot at some birds or rabbits.They got close to a tree where several birds could be seen flying and singing and then Kelvin prepared for his hunt."Aim correctly this time." Bona said as he pat him on the back and Kelvin drew his arrow, ready to shoot at one of the birds.He had a bird on sight but as he was about to let go of the arrow, the bird suddenly flew causing his arrow to hit only air.Bona sighed as he shook his head in disappointme
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Chapter four: The Golden Ring
"How many times do I have to tell you that you can't go out of the forest!" The wizard shouted so loud that his disciples had started running in."Why? is it a crime to be born an human?" Kevin said amidst tears."Yes it is, to other elves. Your presence as an human is a threat to other elves. You must not be seen among all other elves or you'll be killed instantly." The wizard said as he motioned his hands through the hair of his head. This was the sign that he was getting angry."Can't anything be done? Can't I be magically turned into an Elf?" Kevin asked."I've not yet found a solution to this, just keep on training till I find the solution, is that hard to do?" Kevin stared at the wizard with a watery eyes before rushing into the wizard's workshop."I hate you." Kevin said as he locked the door of the workshop behind him, leaving the wizard and his disciples speechless."Master, what should we do?" Bona asked feeling sad for the poor human boy. It seems like he was hurting a lot
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Chapter Five: A System?
A few moments later, Kevin had woken up but he was sweating profusely and his head was throbbing in an immense pain. He sat up and waited while his eyes were closed, for a bit and then after a few minutes, he opened his eyes. The headache had reduced a little and then, Kevin started taking in everything that had happened previously. He remembered himself healing miraculously but he had fainted due to an inner energy trying to enter his body. But what caused all this? That was when Kevin remembered the golden ring, he checked his left middle finger that he had last seen it but to his surprise, the ring wasn't in his hands. He checked around the floor and corners of the room but he could find nothing. "Where the hell did it go? I didn't remember myself taking it off, so it must be somewhere in this room." He rose up from the ground to check the table but the sight of what he saw made him flinch.He stared at the mirror that was in front of him and saw something different in his eyes a
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Chapter Six: New Skill
"A spiritual eyes?" Kevin exclaimed. "Like,.. what does it means??"There wasn't any information about the spiritual eyes but an option had suddenly appeared under the skill, Elven Spiritual eyes."Why bother asking, I'm an Elf after all. I need skills like this right at the moment." Kevin chose yes and the skill was equipped by the system.As he closed and opened his eyes, it was then that he realized what the system meant by asking if he wants to equip the skill. Everything around him were displaying only colours of their auras. He could see different auras coming from the magic tools and equipment that were in the room. The magic book that was even on the table had it's own green aura. Everything around had different auras based on what they are and where they came from.Kevin lifted his eyes towards the door and could see another colour of aura moving around. The aura was i
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Chapter Seven: Consider it done
Few minutes after, Kevin finally got to the mountain where the three elves had said they were going. He had been searching around for them but he could only see their bags and luggages that were safely kept at the foot of the mountain."They can't climb the mountain to hunt beasts, can they?" Kevin thought but then, he suddenly had a light bulb.He had completely forgotten that he has a special skill that could make him see the auras of people. Kevin activated his Elven Spiritual eyes and as he looked around, he could see colours of yellow everywhere in the forest so he quickly concluded that they were beasts' Aura. It was when he was looking more deeper into the forest that he spotted three purple auras moving around.He ran towards the aura and saw that it was the three elves he had met previously. They were running after a beast but its speed was far greater than theirs, so they weren't able to catch up with it.The three elves got tired and had stopped to rest a bit, but then, Kev
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Chapter Eight: Familiar Pendant
Kevin and the three elves had became friends in just two minutes and they were all going towards the Mage Academy. The three elves had said that they won't be passing through the city because it was a long journey and they would have to enter about three transport cars before they could get to the academy. But they had told Kevin that there is another shortcut they could pass that would take them to the academy in just an hour.It was already night time so they had to sleep at the point where darkness had met them. They were still in the forest but where at a safe region where no beasts could pounce or rip off their flesh while sleeping.It was early at dawn and the four new friends had started their journey to the Academy. They walked for about an hour and wonderfully, they got to the gate of the academy.Kevin was amazed at the sight that was in front of him. Never in his life had he seen something like this, it was way beyond beauty. The gate of the academy was black and huge, abou
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Chapter Nine: Mage Academy
It didn't take long that mrs Norby had returned to her office. In her hands were four white plastic cards that are rectangular in shape and a bit thick. The four cards were handed to Kevin and the four students by Mrs Norby, but the elves were clueless on what it does."That in your hand is your access card. It will grant you access to some certain areas in this school. It will serve as the device that will allow you to receive food, drinks and any other things you would need." Mrs Norby explained."But note this, you must take the card along with you no matter where you're going. Either outside or inside the academy. And you must not lose it or you'll have to pay for it." "How much is it if we have to pay for it?" Reed asked and the old woman just gave him a devilish smirk."Four Silver gemstones, no more no less." Mrs Norby smiled within herself. She went towards her chair as she sat down with her legs crossed."Four silver gemstones?!" Dan exclaimed and the old woman just gave him
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Chapter Ten: The library
After the teacher had finish explaining the important thing that all elves needs to know, he then told all the students to be in five groups. Eventually, there were a total of 100 students per group in the front of the teacher Kevin and his group had been assigned to. They were quite lucky for being assigned to their homeroom teacher, Chris."Okay, all of you need to follow me as I take you around the school." Chris who was upfront told them.While Chris was walking around, describing the various places in the vicinity of the academy, he had a perpetual, easy smile on his face, like nothing would be able to upset him."You guys should start to get to know each other as much as you can," Chris suggested. "After all, the people you are with now will be your classmates."All of a sudden, everyone started to get chattier, talking to each other as they were being shown around the school.The four jolly friends continued the tour at the back of the class while the teacher kept leading them
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