Ch. 44 - Supply Run

Right after defeating the level 2 corpse, Jin went and helped with the horde that gave Kroll and others a hard time. With almost all his abilities raised in terms of speed and strength, it was a swift victory. He even had the time later to gather cores.

An uneventful week passed by until one night, the infected breached the wooden wall of Zither village. For some unknown reason, the guards keeping watch at the time were not at their posts.

Growls during the quietness of the night were a normal occurrence, which is why the people in the village paid no mind to it, appearing to be closer than other times. They knew they were safe. If anything happened, the guards keeping watch would inform them in time.

Only this time, it didn’t happen. Jin was asleep in his tent when the scream from a girl woke him up. He jumped out of the bed and went outside, only to see the village overrun with corpses, feasting on the villagers and people in tents.

A couple of undead surrounded him, but he easi
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