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Nicholas Steave had to feel the bitterness of the life he lived, living as unemployed and having a wife who had an affair with his best friend who was considered much richer. More than that, his wife’s family always thought that Nicholas Steave was nothing but a burden, a useless jobless man, and also a parasite who had to be exterminated. Until one night, a small miracle happened. Nicholas received news that he was the 20th descendant of the business empire Eternita Hills, which had a wealth limit that would never run out even up to tens of generations. Nicholas then took revenge for what had been done by everyone who had hurt him and lived a new life as a respectable rich man that even all women wanted to be his wife. How was Nicholas Steave’s good day? Can he get a better wife than his former wife?

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This night was quite tiring. Even the giant ball hanging above the sky was covered with clouds. Snow had started to fall heavily. A man walked quickly after he got off a bus, clutching his brown coat tightly. He was breaking through the blizzard that was quite strong, but he was still trying to break through the cold blizzard.Several times people looked at him with disdain looks, then some threw dog feces at him. No, they weren’t strangers. But they were some of his wife’s relatives who happened to have a house in the district where he lived.They deliberately waited for the man to come home so they could do such lowly things.“You poor man! Why are you coming back home? You should be ashamed to have become a parasite to your wife’s family! Go and never come back! Go far away and sever your ties with my cousin!”“You unemployed, the scum of society who has never had any shame at all! Just look in a moment! You will not only lost your wife, but also your pride!”The figure of the man
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The long car was very luxurious, its interior had been renovated so grandly and perfectly. Many knick-knacks cost millions of dollars, even more than the salary of a city employee.Nicholas was silent as he looked at the figure sitting in front of him, that figure still smiled kindly while bowing slightly. Nicholas turned his head, even he still couldn’t believe that all the things he was experiencing were real.“Young Master Steave, I hope you are not surprised by this. I have obtained valid information and now your adoptive parents who were none other than the former servant of the Eternita Hills family have died.”“Did you kill them?”“No, I didn’t. It’s been too long since you visited them and they apologized to you. Because of them, you have been living in a difficulty all this time.”Nicholas was silent again, he was even used to his difficult life.“Eternita Hills.” Nicholas muttered.He knew what Eternita Hills was. It was a wealthy family that even had their own kingdom and w
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“Then, which acquaintance of yours is Nicholas Steave? Only that good-for-nothing ex-husband of yours. I still can’t believe it myself, but the sender clearly wrote his name very clearly and boldly, oh yeah … this is a message from the sender, a greeting card or something.”Mrs. Gerard handed a card to Ariana, then Ariana took it and opened it.“I have given what you asked for completely. Hopefully in the future I won’t have to see a bastard like you again. Nicholas Steave.”Ariana’s hands shook violently, until the card was taken by Mrs. Gerard to just read it. Her eyes bulged at the message, a message that was completely beyond her expectations.“So it’s true that Nicholas sent all of this? So it’s true that Nicholas has a lot of money to do all this?”“Impossible, there’s no way Nicholas could possibly do all of this. There’s no way Nicholas bought all of this for me. Even while we were married, Nicholas was completely penniless, this must be an impossible mistake!”“Calm down, why
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“If necessary, buy this restaurant at any price, Erick.”“I will carry out your orders, sir.”Nicholas glanced at the manager who was standing still, the look on the manager’s face was indicated that he was scared to death.“Don’t judge people too easily, sir. Because the person that you think is bad, isn’t necessarily bad, and vice versa.”Nicholas now looked at Erdward and Ariana. The two of them seemed shocked to hear the fact that Nicholas Steave was the successor to the business empire from Eternita Hills.“Erdward, thank you very much, because you have been kind enough to make a member card for me, but I’m sorry I don’t want to accept it.”Nicholas chose to get into the car, he already felt lazy and annoyed. Ariana even directly elbowed Erdward’s arm perfectly.“Did you see that?”“What?”“He’s Nicholas Steave, right?”“So?”“It turns out that he is a wealthy man. Since when did he become a rich man, Erdward? As long as he married me, he never once told me about all these secret
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Nicholas smiled seeing Antonio’s stupid face. Even a thousand dog poops felt like it was nothing when he saw Antonio’s stupid face clearly visible in his eyes. Antonio was the most annoying character, who always compared Nicholas to Erdward.Now Nicholas felt that what he felt before was slowly being rewarded for what was fair, and those who were annoying to him had also been rewarded accordingly.“Do you think everything is enough, Young Master Steave?”“Actually there are a few more things I want to do, it’s just that I feel like it’s enough for today. Oh, I want the GG Group to be under the control of the Eternita Group. I’d like to control all the shares they own, then get Erdward down from his position, I don’t want him to hold his current position after everything he did to me. He is my best friend, but he has stolen my wife, done the stupidest thing in front of my eyes. I will never forget all of that betrayal, Erick.”“Very well, Young Master Steave. I will do anything for You
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“You still can't do anything, Nick. You know I am your legal wife, we are still not officially divorced. So I guess, I still have the right to get some goods and money from you. What's more, you've been out of work all this time, you're just an unemployed person. The rule is I'm going to get what I never got from you all these years, and I'm going to ask this directly. So that we don't have to discuss things like this in court when our divorce takes place, right?"Nicholas was silent, he was no longer a stupid man who was blinded in love by this woman in front of him. More than that, Nicholas didn't want and didn't want the woman in front of him to get even a penny of all the money he had.In the past, maybe Nicholas had many dreams, when he could do many things together with his beloved wife. Even Nicholas deliberately looking for work anywhere just for his wife. But what is the reality, don't expect a sweet treatment. Everyone ignores him, his wife's entire family doesn't care about
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Nicholas chose to ignore Ariana and looked at Erdward. Indeed, at this time a bad luck is happening for the second time. How could he not, Nicholas was forced to meet the partner he was most reluctant to meet in this world. and God seemed to be deliberately playing with Nicholas' mood by bringing the three of them together for the umpteenth time. Of course this is the most annoying thing ever, and beyond that there is so much to think about properly. Nicholas couldn't look angry, emotional, let alone feel that he was the one who was suffering the most in this matter. Because to be honest, even though he had lost two important people in his life, even though he had been betrayed by the two people closest to him, Nicholas didn't feel sad at all.It could even be said that Nicholas felt grateful to God, because God had shown him that his best friend and wife were not good people. if Nicholas didn't know, maybe until this second Nicholas would have been fooled by those two losers, and the
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“Is there anything on your mind, Mr Steave? I see you've been keeping quiet and not saying anything. If perhaps something is bothering you then just tell me then I will do a lot to try to help whatever your problem is. Don't you have everything now? So how can you feel so deeply worried like this? You shouldn't be worried, what's right is that you should be full of enthusiasm in doing many things, Tuan. You have managed to get what you want. So how come you are still acting like you are the same you as before?”“I think having lots of money and having power is enough to make you happy so you don't need anything in this world. But it seems I forgot one thing, there is one thing that must be remembered clearly and how to remember it, that is, there are many problems that are not only solved with power and money, but with the heart, and from here I begin to understand and realize that everything also started from a problem like this. I feel worried because I think that if so many people
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Nicholas was silent as he propped his chin. He sat sweetly in his royal chair as the supreme leader of the company. Some files that need to be signed appear to be ignored. Then he drew his eyebrows perfectly.There were really some things that couldn't be imagined, Nicholas felt empty without any passion for life at all. until then a woman knocked on the door and entered the room. Holding a pile of documents in her clothes that are so... sexy.Nicholas hurried to get into an upright position, then he smoothed his hair again. swallowed hard and tried to stay focused on his work."Who? And what's wrong?" asked from Nicholas, putting on his cool-ass style.The woman smiled, placing a stack of files on Nicholas' desk.“I am your new secretary, Mr Steave. And these are some new documents that you should sign and check immediately.”Nicholas held his breath perfectly, then he turned to the other side.“Then where was my old secretary? Why should it be replaced with a new one? I didn't even
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"Sir, do you have time tonight?"Nicholas, who was currently drinking coffee while smoking a cigarette, drew an eyebrow. For some reason, these days his right hand continues to do and ask things that don't make sense. Of course Nicholas was getting very suspicious now."What is it? Why do you seem so strange these days. I wonder what you want to do?" he asked. "I'm alone, at home alone, except for the maids who number dozens which is enough to make me not feel so lonely."“Emelly, is a businesswoman who has been coming to this company for a while, sir. It seems that the lady wants to meet you, in fact earlier that lady personally asked to see me and asked me to arrange a dinner for you two, Tuan. That's why I ask you, if you really can do it, then I will immediately arrange everything for you. You just come, then a dinner will be created perfectly.”Nicholas took a deep breath, he stroked the smooth edge of his beard, then he drew an eyebrow again, looked at his right hand which was s
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