Revenge of The Furtive Billionaire Heir

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Revenge of The Furtive Billionaire Heir

By: Ryker Helios OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jace Greyson just wanted one thing in life. Attend college, keep his head down, graduate, and hopefully settle down with a good job, a loving wife and 2.5 kids. But it seems like the universe has other plans for him. Instead of being ignored, he is being bullied constantly, and his luck only gets worse when he loses his job as well. But everything turns upside down when he is betrayed in one of the cruelest ways possible, breaking the thin boundary he has on his restraint. Jace Greyson has had enough, and he was going to make sure the world knew about it.

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    the way it's written, I can imagine myself as the hero

    2023-01-22 14:49:20
  • Abhinav


    I want to know who's behind shooting¯\_〳 •̀ o •́ 〵_/¯

    2023-01-22 14:40:05
  • Abhinav


    Update update update update

    2023-01-22 14:37:25
  • Ayushee Upadhyay


    This book is soooo amazing. I'm literally in love. Thankyou so much writer for writing this awesome book!!!!! ......️

    2023-01-22 01:53:19
  • Bass catcher


    Could there be more consistent updates

    2022-11-24 04:09:09
  • Ishaka Sabo Ibrahim


    this book is amazing

    2022-12-25 03:26:57
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261 chapters
I get fired.
Rain fell from the skies, splattering loudly on the warm asphalt of the road. It mixed with the stench of burned rubber and garbage stocked on either side of the alleyway. The alleyway is empty except for the lonely cat who had taken shelter inside a garbage can under an upturned cardboard box. The cat’s glistening amber eyes stare at me, and I stare back, unwilling to get up from where I lay even though the rain is making my clothes all soggy. My whole body hurts from the beating I took, and I’m pretty sure there are cuts on my face, given how it fucking hurts when I try to move my mouth a little. The water flowing down the road is dangerously close to rising to be leveled with my mouth.Because I did not fancy taking a gulp of road-washed water, disregarding the pain in my body from the blossoming bruises, I shake myself and get up.Each step I take toward the direction of the road hurts. The rain gets harder and harder as I trudge towards the miserable building my studio apartment
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I meet the girl of my dreams!
The new school year is here.The first class of the day is Economics, so I make my way to the lecture hall and take a seat in the back. I love Economics, mostly because Stone and his goons don’t take this particular class.As the lecture is about to start, a girl comes running towards me. She’s very pretty with curly black hair and hazel eyes. I’ve never seen her before, but I can’t help but feel myself blush as she comes near where I’m sitting.She smiles brightly at me, and points to the chair next to me, “Is this taken?”“Oh? No, no, you can take it,” I sputter. Wow, a pretty girl wants to sit next to me? I was not what you would call model handsome. I think I’m okay in the looks department, I just look average. But this girl, she’s way out of my league.But as soon as she takes a seat, she turns to me and grins again, “Hello, I’m Kayla. Kayla Sherwin. It’s nice to meet you.”I stare at her hand that is stretched towards me for a moment before taking it, “Hi, my name’s Jace Greyson
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She’s with them?
“Who the hell are you?” Stone, looking mad, demands Gerald, and Gerald gives him the most disgusted look.“That’s none of your concern,” Gerald snaps at him before turning to me, and his face softens, “Are you alright?”“Not really,” I find myself saying, desperately trying to hide myself with my hands. “Oh, isn’t it? What’s up, Jace? Is this your dad? Your grandpa? Did you call your grandpa to come and rescue you? Ewww.”That’s when ten men in black suits who were twice the size of Stone storm into the room, looking as intimidating as mob bosses. I recognize them all, and something like homesickness hits me squarely on the chest. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen them all, and the humiliation just increases.But Stone’s expression changes at the arrival of the men. Gone is the arrogance and the snark, he looks like he’s scared.“Who are you? Who are these people?” he questions, “Whoever you are, you better get out of here. I booked this room, and my father is the richest, most
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We are being genuine, Stone.
“Oh, fuck off,” Stone, not believing that we are being genuine, scoffs, “What’s a beggar going to do to me? Your empty threats won’t work. I’m going to give my father one call, and he’s going to come for me. And he will destroy you all.”Gerald ignores his prattling and goes on to make several calls, whispering furiously into the phone. Kayla hangs onto her boyfriend’s arm, looking frightened at the ten men in black glaring at them.“I did what you asked,” I hear her plead from her boyfriend, “Can we leave now? I’m getting scared.”“No, Stone will take care of it,” The bully reassures her, “The twerp can’t harm us. Who even is he? A nobody with some actor friends.”“My master is anything but a nobody, your man,” calmly, Gerald locks his phone and shoves it back into his pocket, “And in thirty minutes time, you will see what exactly we’re capable of. I know everything about you, Stone Jeffreys, and your father. I know about your family corporation, your father’s business. And in thirty
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Jace, stop!
My pace is swift as I make my way through the hotel, followed by Gerald and his crew of men in black suits, who were actually security personnel my father had hired ever since I was a child. I feel like I should get the hell out of this place soon because the stress and anxiety from the whole incident are starting to get to me. Tears are right behind my eyeballs and regret pangs in my chestSuddenly, as we near the lounge, a voice comes from behind us.“Please, Jace, stop!”Kayla.Anger and despair war in my heart as I debate ignoring her and continuing on, but she calls my name again and again. As much as I don’t want to talk to her, I don’t think I can ignore her.After all, she is right next to me. She looks as panicked as Stone was, her eyes stormy, her cheeks flushed.The security personnel move to keep her away from me, but I raise my hand, signaling them to stop.“What?” I growl at her.“Jace, please, you have to undo what you did to Stone’s father,” she pleads, and my heart si
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I don’t want to go there…
My father and I didn’t talk much that night. The level of awkwardness between us was embarrassing. I knew that he was nearly bursting with all the questions he wanted to ask me and all the things he wanted to tell me. Our relationship was never the best, but I don’t think it’s been this strained. Father tells me that we both need to handle this carefully, so he will be giving me enough space.Fine by me. I am in no hurry to venture through this particular no-man’s land.***The next morning, I’m mildly startled by the unfamiliar surrounding as I wake up but before I can panic the memories of the night before flood my mind. I sit silently on the bed as I go through them, one by one as not to overwhelm myself. The hurt I feel is significantly less, but not enough to be called faded.I really don’t want to go to school today. I don’t want to face whatever awaited me there.But the other choice was to stay here in this house and face my father.The choice is easy when comparing the option
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What’s wrong with you?
The host asks everyone to be seated, so I look around the tables to see if there is an empty spot. There are few, so I choose the one nearest to me. As I make my way through the tables, I realize that the seat next to me is occupied by none other than Coraline Granger.She looks so different from the girl she once was but similar at the same time. For example, her previous bob-cut style haircut is gone, replaces by luscious platinum blond curls that rivulet down her naked shoulders. Her gorgeous blue eyes, larger than life and electric, flashes t her friends, crinkling at the corners as she laughs at something they say. Her face gleams like the full moon, her makeup almost non-existent. Ruby-red lips contrast dizzyingly with the pearlescent tone of her teeth. She wears diamonds in her ears and neck, with a plain, black strapless dress.She looks so mature and sophisticated.Beautiful.I could hear the conversation she’s having with her friends even from here, them inquiring her about
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8. I get slapped.
To say I was shocked would be an understatement.Coraline had always been a kind, open person when we were in high school, and never had she treated me like this. When she talked to me back in the day, I always felt like we could be friends if I had the gall to approach her about it. We ran in different circles and my one was generally lower in the food chain, but for Coraline, that didn’t matter.But now, I feel betrayed and devastated. I never thought she would be one of those snobs like her friends were.Tensions are high, and I have a feeling that I was being misunderstood here. I didn’t mean to insult anyone, so I try to rectify my mistake, ignoring the sting of her slap in my face and my heart.“Look,” I start in an even voice, “I’m not trying to insult you or your shoes. What I’m trying to say is those shoes are forges, and whoever sold them to you scammed you. If you think I’m wrong, check the soles. If it’s an original, there should be a signature on the sole. That line of sh
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9. Here she comes again!
I can’t help but screw my eyes at her in anger as she makes her way towards me, looking sheepish. Now that I’m aware of who she really is, her beauty diminishes in my eyes. I wonder what she’s doing here, trying to humiliate me again? What the hell was with girls and me lately? It had never been like this. Normally, girls are nice to me, and other guys are hostile.Now, everyone is hostile regardless of gender.Maybe there was something in the water which is making everyone see me as a target. Maybe it’s my face. I’ve heard some people saying that certain individuals have faces that make them want to do horrible things to them. Does my face look like that too? Is that why everyone is picking on me?Man, I’m too tired of all this drama.“What do you want now?” I ask her in a hard, cold voice as she comes within hearing range, “Want to rub salt in the wound more? Call out the guys here so they can make it a real public humiliation?”Coraline gulps and looks ashamed, but I don’t let that
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10. The Card Belongs to me!
For a moment, I am confused.Of course, the card belonged to Jace Greyson. That shouldn’t create any issues, because my frickin name is Jace Greyson. Had Coraline hit her head somewhere? Was that the reason why she was acting so goddamned strange today?“I knew that you were up to something sketchy,” Coraline goes on to say, “This card is clearly not yours, you have stolen it from somebody. Who did you steal from? Do you know how much these cards are worth?”“What? I didn’t steal it, because that’s my card, and that’s my name,” I insist, “I’m Jace Greyson!”The waiter looks in between us, and his brows furrow, “Sir,” he addresses me, “this is a very valuable card, and the miss’s claim is a serious offense. I don’t think I can let you go. We thought you were wealthy upon your initial reaction to our mistake, but now I’m starting to think that it isn’t the case.”Why, the gall…I step forward and grab the card from Coraline’s hand, making her yelp, and read the name on the card.Jace Gr
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