Reapers Domain

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Reapers Domain

By: Zanewrites OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Drevox Achellious is the third son of the leader of reapers organization. He is distant to his father for a certain reason. He is only close to his older brother, which is the second son. He has two companies, Jay and Michelle. Those two swore an oath to protect and help him 'til the end. Their mission is to help the souls to enter the portals to the other world safely. Later on, he will know Elvira which will be his another company too. Elvira grows a romantic feeling to Drevox or to her master, but the man didn't entertain her. He is too focus to do his job and be the mext leader of the reapers organization. However, a sudden accident happened. The sudden dissapearance of souls and killing of humans spread in the human world. Drevox together with his brother and companies, investigated further onto this case until they found the mastermind. What will he do if the mastermind is his own father, will he forgive him or avenge every souls he extracted?

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Chapter 1: Wraith
Drevox fixed his collar while looking at his whole body reflection on the mirror. He is wearing a black jeans, black turtle neck and brown blazer. He is ready once again to go outside to check if the surroundings is all clear or not. He is living in the forest in human world together with his older brother and his team. Reapers servants are called companies, they're the ones who are helping the reapers to their mission. Reapers are the ones helping the souls to travel safely in the soul portal leading to the death world. Drevox Achellious, as the one of the reapers, assigned to guard and guide the souls in Philippines. Meanwhile, his other brothers are scattered around the world. When he's satisfied to his appearance, he grabs his gloves and wear it, proceeding to the living room. There he saw his companies Jay and Michelle who are sitting comfortablly on the sofa. He looked at the direction the two are looking at and found the television. They're watching the morning report of t
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Chapter 2: Elvira Stone
"I'm going home now, Andrei. Thank you for treating me ice cream!" Elvira exclaimed, raising her ice cream.Andrei chuckled as he nods at his bestfriend. They were friends since they were in elementary level. Elvira saw Andrei alone in their room back then and she decided to talk with him. Since Andrei was a transferee student, he talked to Elvira and accepted her as a friend."Don't you want me to accompany you home?" Andrei asked, walking alongside his bestfriend."You don't need to, I can take care of myself," Elvira assured, winking.Andrei sighed and smiled at her. He couldn't argue with his friend anymore. That's how he respect her."Fine, but I'll watch you cross this street," he uttered, pointing at the road."Okay!" She nodded and after few minutes the traffic lights turned red. She looked at her best friend and said, "Bye Andrei! See you tomorrow!""Bye! Take care!" he reminded as the woman nod.Elvira crossed the street together with other citizens. When she reached the oth
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Chapter 3: New Company
Elvira's POV,When my alarm clock rings, I got up from my bed and turn it off. Another day, another stress. I went to my closet and prepared my school uniforms. Andrei messaged me last night that we'll be meeting at the coffee shop at 7 a.m. After preparing, I went in the bathroom and started cleaning myself. I turned on the shower and the yesterday event suddenly flashed in my mind."Just how the hell did he know my name?" I whispered, feeling the cold water on my skin. "Perhaps he has a list of all the people's names?"Shaking my head, I turned off the shower and proceed to get my towel. I shouldn't overthink about that before going to school. I went in my room and wore my uniform. I comb my hair, prepared my things and ate my breakfast.Once my morning routine is done, I went outsude and locked the door. I fixed my bagpack before proceeding to the gate."Going to school?" Grandma asked, taking a sip of tea. She's sitting on a wooden chair at their porch."Yes, grandma! Goodmorning
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Chapter 4: Surprise
Elvira's POV,A felt the sunlight touched my face which made me jolt out the bed. I sighed heavily and looked around the place. The first question went in my head is, where the hell I am?I'm sure this is not my room. My room isn't that pretty compare to this one. But wait....why am I still alive? I thought I was done for. Swallowing a lump, I looked on my skin to check if there's any bruises, but I didn't see any."What happened to me?" I asked myself, walking in front of the mirror to check my head. However, my scar on it dissapeared too."Am I imagining things?" I wondered as my eyes went on my clothes. I'm not wearing my uniform anymore, instead I'm wearing a white comfortable dress."What the? Did someone changed me?" I looked inside my clothes to check if I'm still wearing my lingerie, fortunately, I'm still wearing it.A sudden sound of opening door stole my attention. A woman with blonde hair and mint eyes went inside, holding a tray of food. Wait that woman.....that woman is
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