No Way Out: The Mystic Sword of the Horror Island.
No Way Out: The Mystic Sword of the Horror Island.
Author: King Mohammed
Chapter 1. This is the time of horror.


There weren't any answers but only silence.

"Dad, please say something you are freaking us out. Mum, why don't you say something? Is it from the house again?!" Raymond and Emily asked their father for the second time but the silence remained. The struggle to get out of the room was held. Hayden, their father stood shocked and silent by the paper he held in his hand. He instantly let go of the paper from his hand and it fell to the floor. Raymond quickly ran out from behind his mother, and then he went close to the paper lying down on the floor. He bent down to the paper and held it up. Slowly but quite frankly, Raymond opened the paper and saw strange writing which was written in Greek languages, however, because of his high grades in language, he knew what was written down on the paper. Same, with his dad he went consecutively silent.

"Raymond say something, what's on the paper? Tell me!" His mother asked him, but still, the silence remained, not until shortly after his mother walked towards him and rapidly pleaded to him, and then he gave in. Raymond read out loud what was written on the paper envelope body, the paper specifically said, For only the occupants of the house. It read thus, 'Death, and suicide is valid of nature. You simply can't run from it. All humans are thought to possess the ability to commit to one. It is, therefore, not something to run from, because you all can't run from me! This is the time of horror!'

"Ohh, no. No matter how much we try to run, we can't run. There is no way out." Raymond cried out as he sat down on the floor looking at both his parents. "Perhaps the house wants us to stay in for a while, right?" Emily said, but neither did she understand it was the opposite in this case. Words of encouragement were not of help in this circumstance —because deep down, she knew there was no escape from the dreadful island. Slowly, she walked across the room with tears falling down her eyes, her hand to her feet shaking with fear.

"Dad, if we don't make it out alive, I just want you all to remember that I love you all," she said, as she turned to look at Raymond and her mum. "Nonsense!, we are getting out of this, I brought us here in the first place, and I'm getting you all alive and well. I just expect you all to believe in me!." Hayden said with hope for the unknown. "Yeah, like we have a choice" Raymond gave a rude reply to his Dad. "Hey, look at me I meant every word I said, I will get us out of this—"

He did not finish what he was about to say, just instantly he noted that something was wrong with his kids, he asked, "What's wrong, Raymond, Emily what are you staring at?, do I sound funny, hm!"

"Dad, I want you to walk slowly and then run, immediately!"

"Why!" The quick reply came from Hayden, he was anxious to know what the problem was. "Because there's something behind you right this moment" Raymond whispered, "Emily now!" Immediately Emily threw a mirror at her Dad, he held it and directly turned to his back, and cut the monster that stood at his back.

"Yeah, you destroy it!"

"Come on everyone, we are getting out of here."

"Screw that Dad, screw this trip, I never wanted to come on this so-called adventure anyways. I want to go home, I miss high school. I don't want to die young, I just want to go home!." Raymond shouted angrily at his dad. "For goodness sake Raymond is calm, we all want to go home, or do you think you are the only one who misses home? News flash I do too." Raymond was perplexed he couldn't take in the yells from his dad, not being able to contain his emotions he burst out and let his emotions out freely as he teared up. Just as they were talking about the matter on the ground, a push came from behind the door. It came very loud and clear enough that even the hairs in a deaf man's skin would rise and make him alert.

"Who is that!?!" Quickly came the reply from Raymond's dad, he strode to the door with steady strips and looked through the doorway, and then he saw a few groups of people, mainly men who look like a walking dead. "It's them, they're here again!" Hayden said squarely.

"Now what do we do Dad?" Raymond asked for answers. The only way to defeat the element of death was to fight back against them. Advantageous for them, the room was armed with year's long-term vintage weapons, which were used to fight Wars. Hayden made brisk steps to the wall that had swords, which were placed on the side of the shield. Directly he pulled it out and formulated strength within himself. "Unlock the door, now!" He said, commanding Raymond to open the door so he could get outside. "Dad, do you know what you are letting out of your mouth? Are you sure you want to do this? it's a breakneck!" Raymond asked, with fearful gleams in his eyes.

"Yes, I'm.., now open the door!."

Instantly after the door was unlocked. The big clock on the ebony house wall chimed when it struck 11 in the evening, the rain began to pour heavily and thunder flashed while lightning was heard loudly from all corners of the house. Mr. Hayden, swiftly moved outward, utilizing his strong sword by slashing through deadly demons. The fierce fight went on under the downpours of the rain soon enough he was able to eliminate all of them shortly after. He stood under the downpour of rain as the blood of the demons went down his sword, and some trees in the forest went ablaze after being struck by a thunderbolt. Numerous thoughts came to his mind, his knees made squelching as they made way to the squelchy ground.

"Why, don't you take me and leave my family out of this!" He cried out helplessly under the rain.

"Sweetheart, come in please you will catch a cold. Come in, the rain is becoming more fierce than before, please bring Clinton to the house!" Mrs. Norman, his wife, screamed at him, but there wasn't any movement from him. Raymond hurried off from the building, he got closer to his Dad, then he extended his right hand to his dad. "Dad, please give me your hand!" Just after he glanced at Raymond with tears in his eyes, he held Raymond's hand and got back to his feet. Shortly both of them were already the inns of the house. Quickly after Mr. Hayden, Raymond was in the house with the rest of the family, and suddenly, a sound was heard from the upstairs basement. "Something, is up there?" Raymond squeaked.

Raymond's father said, "Don't worry about anything, I got this!"

"No, I will do it," Raymond's sudden speech was a bombshell that left everyone in the room thunderstruck; this happened as a result of Raymond's horrifying outlook towards the trip the whole time. "Raymond you? wait! wait for a moment, no offense Raymond you want to go upstairs?" Eily spoke with a downward smile on her face. "Maybe you didn't hear me, but I'm probably much I. I'm going up the stairs, and I need your sword!.."

"Here it takes! now go show those monsters whose boss." Handing over of the sword to Ray, Emily made him believe himself. He left the sitting room, and then slowly, tiptoed upstairs. As he walked in the hallways of the house, the thunder flashed quite a bit of quick braking lights on hallway walls, lightning flew across the sky making the dark stairs get a glimpse of light, but still, Raymond didn't speak as he continued searching the house.

A noisy thud was heard as an empty flower vase-dropped from somewhere, Raymond shrieked "Grab yourself, Raymond, you can do this, you just have to continue.." He thought to himself inwardly, as he walked shortly, maintaining his footsteps so they wouldn't be heard from whatever could be upstairs, so he thought. He got to the second room on the right-hand hand side of the wall, surprisingly, the transpires were opened by themselves, this stage made Raymond speak because he knew no one opened the door they were downstairs but yet, the mystery reminds. Generally he moves into the room because he heard a running downpour of water coming from the bathroom, then he went to the bathroom, and turned off the tap that controls the water which came out of the shower. Just as he was about to leave the bathroom, he felt something past him, and directly the tap to the shower went on again. "What!, but—..., but I'm just off this!" He stood confused in the bathroom shower. Then, again, he shut down the tap. Noises came throughout the building hallway, Raymond Couldn't even react to what he heard. He heard a voice from the man, it said, 'You all can't run from me…,' immediately, the voice went silent. Quickly, he tried to get from the bathroom, he got to the exit upstairs when an unknown force suddenly pulled his feet, fell to the ground, and began rolling down the stairs helpless...

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