Chapter19; Rescue operation and confession

As soon as the barbarous attack occurred in their city, the officials of the government sprang into action and quickly launched search and rescue operations in an effort to forestall any more damage that might have been caused by the attack. They met disappointment when their modern arms all failed before their enemies' ancient weapons.

Any group that was dispatched to put a halt to them was ruthlessly eliminated. The government did not appear to be making any progress in finding a solution to stop this destruction. They were afraid if they were not stopped sooner it would not take much time to devastate this entire beautiful city. Seeing the situation getting worse a select group of wealthy and prominent people managed to get themselves and their families to safety by escaping the city by plane. This action increased the fear among the ordinary citizens.The common people were infuriated by this matter, and they looked to a creator god in the hopes that it would save them. What to tal
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