OLIVER CAGE: Return Of The Lionheart

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OLIVER CAGE: Return Of The Lionheart

By: Rholle Petz Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Oliver Cage has been treated like trash all his life. After losing his parents to an accident when he was little, he grew up poor and loathed. He thought life had become better when he fell in love with a rich girl, but she cheated on him, mocked him in the face, and called him a joke. But his life changed overnight. Oliver discovers he is actually Oliver Lionheart; a long-lost billionaire heir. Living a double identity with his newfound wealth, Oliver sets out to exert revenge on all who have ever looked down on him. But, will he succeed in triumphing over his enemies, or will he lose everything and go back to the slums? Stay and find out!


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    nice start of the story

    2023-09-15 12:14:44
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85 chapters
Chapter one
A cab cruised to a halt in front of a mansion with colossal gates. It was raining, and visibility was low. Rumbling thunder followed occasional flashes of lighting. The streets were devoid of people and vehicles. Oliver stepped out of the cab and sighed. He was dressed in worn-out jeans and a shirt, and his shoes were old and scuffed. The young man knew he looked pedestrian, but that did not stop him from coming to see Elina Grey, his beautiful girlfriend. Oliver had just been released from prison which explained his overgrown beard. He was extremely tired and hungry but he couldn’t keep himself away from the love of his life any longer.Did Elina reciprocate his feelings? She never even came to visit him in prison, not even once. It was heartbreaking for him considering that he took the fall for her actions. He was sentenced for her crimes.Oliver had managed to beg for cash from a random stranger to pay for the cab. He was really surprised that Elina had not come to pick him up.
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Chapter two
Oliver felt his legs weaken as he staggered back. The stranger was Gerald Blackburn, the acting CEO of Lionheart Group, the largest multi-faceted company in the entire country. Oliver had seen him around Elina while they were dating. He was actually kind to Oliver, and Elina claimed he was just a friend. Oliver trusted him! Why did Gerald betray him? Elina also mentioned that they once had history together, but it was just a fling. "I guess it wasn't…" Oliver muttered to himself. It was starting to make sense."Honey, who is this tramp? Is he bothering you?"Gerald frowned and slowly slid his hand around Elina's tiny waist. The way she giggled to his touch made Oliver groan. "Get your hands off her!" the young man spat. He punched the gate with a clang, drawing Gerald’s attention. The billionaire took a closer look at him. "Oliver? Is that you? Man, you look terrible. Didn't they feed you in prison?" Elina laughed in response. That broke Oliver's heart to pieces."Gerald knew ab
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Chapter three
Oliver was silent while the SUV drove through the streets in the rain. It was possible the guards and the sophisticated woman might have mistaken him for someone else. They’d cast him away once they realized the truth.But could he really be the heir to a fortune? Oliver scoffed, thinking shouldn't flatter himself. He had always been an orphan, rejected by society.Oliver looked at the woman who had introduced herself as Maria. She was dressed in a frilly black dress and draped a pricey fur coat around her shoulders. Her hair was in dreadlocks like the other men at the front of the car. She was in her early forties but was quite athletic and well-toned for her age.And, she wore no smile on her face."You must have a lot of questions right now. Perhaps you are wondering why we came for you and where we are taking you to. But do not worry, young master, all of your questions will be answered soon."She said to him and forced a smile. Her smile was even more menacing than her frown and
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Chapter four
Mia Stone shielded her face with her palms as her boss threw away yet another batch of stories she had written. The stories flew everywhere, and the papers scattered on the ground. She quickly bent to pick them up. The Crows Broadcasting Company where she worked was stressing her out!"I have warned you about this story, Mia. Why do you intend to become obstinate? Your story is not credible." Her boss yelled at her."Sir, if you would just hear me out. I am certain that Grey Pharmaceuticals is up to something terrible. They have been involved in illicit things in the past and they keep doing it because there is no one to stop them. I am sure that this is the story that people would want to read. If only you would give it a chance." Mia said, and her boss scoffed."Do you even know how you sound now, Mia? Deranged. Grey's Pharmaceutical is one of the pioneers of philanthropy in the city. They have been helping people. Do you want to pick a fight against a company that good? They are fuc
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Chapter five
There was a sudden hush in the air as Oliver stepped into the D&M Cars dealership. He slowly walked further inside, with Marv trailing behind him.Oliver was dressed in a black Brioni suit, with a Patek Phillipe Calamander wristwatch to match. His shoes were pure leather and were easily the most expensive pair in the building.The black mask he took from his grandfather's room was in his pocket. He had felt inclined to leave with it.Unlike Oliver who was enjoying the glances people threw at him, Marv was not so comfortable with the peering eyes. "You did say D&M Cars dealership sells the best cars in the city, didn't you?" Oliver asked Marv as he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a black card. 'lionheart' was inscribed on the card."They have a reputation boss." Marv calmly replied. Oliver nodded afterward. The black card was a gift from his grandfather. It contained one billion dollars for shopping. Oliver wanted to get a car that suited his taste. Sure, his grandf
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Chapter six
"What the hell just happened? What did I just witness?"Elina asked in shock as she paced around the room. Gerald had driven her home. She was visibly shaken, and she did not know what to do with her anger.Gerald on the other hand, sat calmly on the couch. His expression was mixed. The anger and embarrassment radiating through his body made him weak."Why did you just stand there, Gerald? Why didn't you do anything to stop him?" Elina asked as she dug her hand into her hair. She seemed to be losing it.She had never lost a thing in her life and it pained her so much."What did you expect me to do? Fight a man we couldn't even find?" Gerald frowned while he spoke. He could not believe her."You should have done something! Anything! You are a fucking man, Gerald. The least you could have done is defend me. Did you see the way Jeff spoke to me? He called me a liar, Gerald. And you just stood there."Elina sniffled. She sank down as her tears stained her cheeks with mascara. Gerald sighe
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Chapter seven
"Are you Oliver Cage? The man who applied for the position of a janitor here at Lionheart Group?" Stuart, the head of the staff at Lionheart, asked Oliver as he stood before the short man in his office. "Yes sir." Oliver calmly responded. His head was bowed, but he could see the sides of the office. It was modest, well-ventilated with catchy yellow blinds.Stuart thought for a moment while gazing at Oliver. He was having mixed emotions about the poor man standing before him. Oliver was still dressed in disguise, and he looked even poorer than ever."I do not think that you can work here, Oliver. You are far below what we employ here at Lionheart. You do know where you are, don't you?" Stuart asked. Oliver sighed. So, he was going to play that game, wasn't he?"Sir, please. I need this job. I cannot afford to be unemployed. If you would give me a chance, I promise to clean as best as I can." Oliver muttered.Stuart sighed as he ran his hands through some paperwork. He turned to Oliver
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Chapter Eight
"No…no…no! This cannot be happening!" Gerald shuddered as he quickly turned his laptop off. His mind was filled with a lot of wandering thoughts. He tried to focus, but he was too tense to do so."Fuck!'He groaned and punched the table. The table was wooden, so it could not break. But Gerald bruised his knuckles instead."Sir, are you alright?" His secretary ran into the office after hearing the bang. Gerald closed his eyes briefly and breathed. "Cancel the rest of my appointments for the day. I am leaving the office this instant." Gerald told her."But sir, you have a very important meeting with the CEO of prime salts in an hour…""Are you fucking deaf? Cancel the fucking meeting and reschedule! Or I will find someone who can obey me." Gerald barked at his secretary. She froze."Why are you doing this, sir? You said you loved me." The secretary muttered. Tears were forming at the angle of her eyes."Love? You were just a plaything. Get the fuck out of here!" Gerald scoffed afterwar
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Chapter nine
The Grandeur Art Auction was indeed the event of the month. Millionaires trooped into that art gallery from all over the country, sending each other admirable looks, as well as looks of slander.The event was hosted by Amelia Grandeur, the daughter of Emil Grandeur, one of the art professors in the city. Amelia, like her father, had inherited a love for the arts. She established an orphanage and allowed her kids to paint. But unfortunately, the rich folks did not pay much to buy their work on ordinary days. She was broke and was at the brim of shutting down the orphanage.She had to rely on events such as this to get funds for her orphanage. The art auction then became a meeting ground for millionaires to discuss business in a fun and lively way, neglecting the children in the process."The works are terrible, aren't they? She shouldn't let her bloody orphans paint."Elina said to Gerald as she clutched to him. "Hmm." That was all he responded with. There was a particular painting
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Chapter Ten
Gerald sat perfectly still on the couch as he tried to wrap his head around what had happened. He could not believe that he had been reduced to so little. He was supposed to be the acting CEO of Lionheart Group for gods sake! Why did The Crow, the biggest broadcasting company in the city devide to write about the humiliating incident? Why did they incite the public against him? Gerald still couldn't believe any of these things were happening. He felt like he was losing his mind."You have a call, sir." A servant walked up to him with a phone. Gerald picked up the phone."Yes?" "I heard what happened in the news. Are you alright?" A woman's voice said from the other side of the phone. Gerald was instantly alarmed."Mum? How are you calling me? Where are you?" He asked. "You dumped me in rehab, remember? What, did you think that I would never get the chance to speak with you again? How could you do that to your own mother?" Mrs Blackburn asked."You were a blemish on my career. You kn
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