The Lost Heir's Vendetta

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The Lost Heir's Vendetta

By: Christabel Samuel Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Aidan knocked up a stranger from a one-night stand who turned out to be Erica from the powerful Hartford family. One thing led to another, he became the poor son-in-law of the Hartford family. If Aidan's life was miserable before, it was nothing compared to what his in-laws put him through. He was bullied and made less of himself because he was a pauper and had no ties to a rich family whatsoever. Because the family no longer wanted to be associated with his poor ass, they framed him up, took his child away, and got him arrested. His world turned sour in a space of hours until a man showed up telling him of his true identity, and that he was Aidan Ackerman, the only heir to the Ackerman dynasty.

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Chapter One
AT The Hartford Estate. "There's the thief officers! Arrest him!" Raved Madam Doris. "What!" Aidan yelled. He was bewildered. Aidan, the live-in son-in-law of the Hartford family, had rushed home due to a horrific text he received from his wife Erica that their daughter Rachel had gone missing. He dropped everything he was doing at the Hartford hospital, and hurried home, only to meet police officers and every member of the Hartford family sitting in the exquisite sitting room, glaring at him disgustingly. Before he knew what was happening, the police lunged at him, and handcuffs were placed on him. Every finger of the members of the family except his wife was pointing at him-from Madam Doris; the head of the Hartford family to Mallory his sister-in-law and her sinister husband Ethan Clay accusing him of stealing a priceless necklace that had been in the family for generations and also looting hospital funds. Aidan has been the live-in son-in-law of the Hartford family for two y
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Chapter Two
"Hahaha! I see, this was the plan all along to get rid of me right? Aidan chuckled weakly from being pinned to the floor. "You shouldn't have gone this far". He said weakly. Madam Doris made a snap with her fingers to the policemen to raise Aidan to his knees. They obeyed like the lap dogs they were. Aidan felt blood in his saliva because of the forced struggle he had with the police. He felt so much rage boiling inside but he was helpless. "I'm not signing the papers until I see my daughter! I will never divorce Erica! I won't let my name be rolled in the mud this way for something I had no hand in." Madam Doris alongside her daughter Mallory laughed hysterically. "Name? What do you have attached to that useless name of yours? In terms of money, skills, and mastery, what have you offered huh?! Except for latching onto my useless daughter! You're as useless as a pen without ink" Madam Doris huffed and puffed indignantly. "I demand my daughter Rachel be brought to me!" He said in a
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Chapter Three
Aidan had been locked up for almost 24 hours until he was taken suddenly again to the officer's office which he later learned was the Chief police officer. Upon his arrival at the office, a middle-aged man got up and jumped on him, in a warm embrace. Aidan with a confused face looked up and down at him. "Remove those handcuffs immediately! Why is he still in them?" Commanded the man who had enclosed him in an embrace. Aidan wondered who he was to command such authority. In a split second, the cuffs were removed and Aidan massaged his wrists to relieve the pain inflicted on him by the cuffs. "Why I'm I here?" Aidan exclaimed. "If it's to force out some sort of confession from me to use against me then you're in for a long ride," He said, furrowing his brows in a scowl. "Confession?" No one is getting a confession out of you my son" "You don't know how long and hard I have searched for you and now, you're here right in my arms," The man said, smiling from ear to ear. Aidan looked
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Chapter Four
"What do you want from me?" Aidan asked after settling on what Robert said. "I want you to take over my company Ackerman Inc. worth over $700 billion. It's your inheritance and I want you to take it all." Wh…what?!" Aidan asked, flabbergasted. Aidan's eyes widened like they were about to pop out of their sockets. "No wonder he commanded so much power with the officers. He is bloody rich" Aidan muttered to himself. Robert chuckled softly seeing the expression on his face. "Yes son," He said, reaffirming him and folding his shoulders. "I'm sorry I didn't find you sooner and that you had to go through all you did but wealth and power are yours now" "What if the DNA results prove negative?" "Son, the tests are to put your mind at ease. I already know you're my son, no DNA required." He said happily. "Now, let's get you out of this God-forsaken place first" "Wait, I have to get my daughter first." "You have a daughter?" Robert was shocked at this revelation. An hour later, Aidan w
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Chapter Five
Aidan stepped into the car where his father waited and banged the car door in a rage. "My son…" Robert noticed his face and patted him on his back. Aidan turned to face his father and he had a look of pity on him. It was as if he had witnessed everything firsthand himself. "I'm ready to be the son you want." "How much power do you really possess?" He asked. "More than the Claytons have. Why do you ask?" "Because I need it to make some people pay and wish they had never taken my Rachel away from me." He breathed heavily. The Roll Royce parked at the most luxurious hotel in the City. "We're here son" His father touched him as if to alert him. The ride had been a silent one since they left the Hartford estate. "Oh…" Aidan jerked as if brought back to reality by the touch. His father noticed the encounter with the Hartfords was taking a toll on him and showing. "I will get to the bottom of this" He muttered to himself. The door was opened by a man in a suit. As soon as he emerged
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Chapter Six
"I'm sorry Master Aidan. I wasn't thinking clearly. I only went in because I couldn't find you in the sitting room." She spoke politely while still bowing her head. Aidan's heavy breathing reduced a bit. He looked at her closely and for the first time, saw how beautiful and young she was for such a prestigious position as a high-level doctor. "You're forgiven." He replied calmly. "Now that you're calm, go put on some clothes so she can do her job. My attorney; Mr. Raymond, is here…" He said patting the short, sturdy man's shoulder. He looked like he meant business from his suit-up. Aidan nodded to Robert's words. Minutes later, the doctor was done collecting her samples from both Aidan and Robert. She packed up and apologized again before leaving. "I researched as Mr. Robert here instructed me yesterday" The attorney spoke up as soon as the doctor left. "From my sources, your daughter wasn't dropped into any orphanage. My guess is Madam Doris has her hidden in an unknown location.
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Chapter Seven
"Elusive huh" She laughed hysterically. She stared right into Aidan's eyes. "You might think you're elusive now but you're nothing but dust beneath my feet just like your miserable daughter who you'll never see again." Aidan snorted. "Dust?" He growled. "Yet you're threatened by my very presence, particularly since you have no idea how I got out of jail." Madam Doris, pained by those words, raised her hand to slap Aidan but her hand was held in mid-air. She looked and saw an emotionless Aidan with bloodshot eyes holding her hand. "The Aidan you knew is different from me. I would break you in an instant without remorse whatsoever." Aidan spoke harshly with red-hot eyes. Fear flashed in Madam Doris's eyes. Suddenly, Madam Doris broke into tears noticing people's eyes were now on them. "Oh my God! Is this how you treat your customers? He hit me, a poor old, helpless woman like me." She wriggled her hand from Aidan's grip. "They all ganged up on me" She formed crocodile tears instant
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Chapter Eight
"I'm so sorry Sir for keeping you waiting, I had to confirm your identity. Welcome, Sir Ackerman" Tinna said and bowed her head politely as soon as she got back from her office after making a confirmation call. "I had no idea it was you. I'm sorry for any inconvenience we must have caused, here's your card" She said, stretching out her hand to return Aidan's card. "Why the hell are you bowing to this shit rag?" Ethan asked, infuriated and shocked by the demonstration. "What about the stupid bet? He clearly lost, otherwise, you would have told us if it declined or not." "It didn't decline because he's the owner of this mall and in that way, he possesses everything in it including the watch." Everyone was awestruck, especially the receptionist who had spoken rudely to him. Mallory's face turned from disgust, to fear and back to shock. "How is it possible?! Impossible!" She bit her lower lip. She knew this man, he was a loser and a nobody so how come he was now the owner of the mos
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Chapter Nine
After the debacle at the mall, Aidan made it to the headquarters building of Ackerman Inc. "Wow!" Aidan gasped as he saw the building. It was in the prosperous and luxurious part of Emergande City. It was located right at the center of it. The building stood towering over the others–proud and headstrong. His father had already made preparations for his takeover. Aidan was speechless. No wonder the man had so much power" He thought to himself as soon as he saw the entourage waiting for him. Immediately his car pulled into the private parking lot of the company, and the General Director was waiting diligently for him alongside the employees. The man dressed in a smart expensive suit ran towards his car, bowing himself. "I'm Mr Milton Sam. I'm sorry about the traffic that delayed you." Aidan got down and saw the man looked familiar. He was an old but sturdy man. "Mr. Milton?" He resounded surprised. Aidan remembered him from when he worked for the Hartfords. They had accused him o
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Chapter Ten
Madam Doris walked in with a victory face as she kept rewatching the video that she asked her assistant to release a while ago. She kept smiling to herself as she knew this was a very huge slap on Aidan's face which would take him a while to resolve.She watched as a long list of bloggers reposted and tagged Aidan over and over again.She was still in her happy mood when Mallory walked in with two shopping bags in her hands.“Mother, tell me it's not true, how dare that good-for-nothing boy raise his hand and touch you, has he forgotten who you are?" She said with an angry face and Madam Doris could not help but laugh. She patted her side and beckoned to Mallory to sit down. Mallory was quick to hand over the bags to a maid and went to sit beside Madam Doris.“It's just a make-believe video, you should know that boy has no mind to even look me in the eye but he seems to be more to what the eyes see now and he is trying to get back at me"But he has long forgotten that I am a champion
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