After the test

The next day they left the hospital, they did not know what Sara had done to be treated without registration and without anything, but they could not let Alison be discovered, so neither he nor Luan said anything. Since he had almost no injuries on his body. If there were tapes of the black-haired boy's fight and the robberies, and the medical report was corroborated. There would be a big problem because of that.

So at noon several injured students arrived, they were informed that in a week classes would resume. They were all married and injured. Among the most seriously injured was Liz.

Luan and Alison heard the news and went straight to their room. Both were worried about their classmates. Above all, for the blue-haired girl. However, this was the right time to talk about the systems. The first one to talk about it was the boy with crimson eyes.

-You have to look at your stats Luan, I think we will have problems if they start to see what to improve you a lot.

-I know, but everything
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