Second expedition

A few days had passed after the test and as rumored at the beginning of the year. Two classrooms were gone. There were now ten freshmen. Luan looked out of his dorm window to watch them leave, many of them were sad, but it was the new school rules. If they had failed the test, they would be in their place too.

Gabriela had already left the school and started acting very strange. This made him a little uncomfortable. It all seemed like it was Alison's fault, but Luan didn't want to ask. He simply went to the place where the student council was meeting, to talk to Snaider, but when he was about to knock on the door he felt something strange happen in his hand.

The system immediately sent him a notification.

<> <>.

Luan wanted to go look at his system, but he preferred to go look at it later. Among the first thing I saw was Snaider talking to another sophomore, almost arguing.

-I said, "Come in Luan, we're done.

The other boy greeted her and left the room, he was orange hair with blond t
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