The next day they went to the river dix. Some people in Luan's classroom looked at him and in their gazes there was a kind of clear words <> This also annoyed Kevin who had thrown it on that occasion, he ducked his head.

A bearded man would be our instructor. He would explain to them about the fauna of this place, they walked all over the site.

While they were being shown around the area, we met several other schools that were also there at the time. Including the Brustel, while they were passing by, Luan tried to talk to Deicy about what happened the night before.

-Deicy, excuse me, do you know where Alison is?

Before the look of both schools, she answered.

-I don't know, the day they took you to the infirmary, he was with you. I even went to see you.

-Thank you," I said.

She followed her group, and they were given a tour of the whole place. They even gave them permission to swim, but because of what happened that time, he preferred not to, to avoid worrying his companions.

He lay do
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