The boss

The guy was in front of them, he wore a brown hat, his hair was red, and his eyes were yellow, he was hairless, and he was wearing a coat.

He went on top of Alison, but fell to the ground, paralyzed.

-What is this, maybe you are, but it is impossible how you can go unnoticed among so many people....

-It's not your problem," Alison replied.

Tree stalks emerged from the ground, trapping us.

-You're not the only one with a good skill.

Alison pointed her hand to the ground and burned the branches out of the ground.

When Alison released them, the guy stood up and pulled a dagger out of his pocket, ready for anything.

The right arm filled with electricity, as if ready to end the subject's life.

Neither was going to back down. Both were ready to collide, but a streak of ice on the ground prevented this from happening. The two walked away.

A crowd of people arrived at that place, apparently it was the whole group.

A tall, white-haired, white-bearded, blue-eyed man with a heavy build
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